Have you checked out Rubybox?

I discovered Rubybox at the beginning of this year and since then I have purchased many times from them and even got my sisters and other family members hooked on.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! Their beauty store is stocked with great brands such as Soap & Glory, Urban Decay and

Skin Science, amongst others.  Furthermore, they are  frequently having flash sales and offering free samples with your purchase.

They even have this cool points system – whenever you make a purchase, write a review, refer a friend or have a birthday you earn RubyRands which can be redeemed against future purchases. 1 RubyRand=1 Rand. Plus, you get an awesome R50 coupon just for creating an account, say whaaaat?!

There’s also the monthly RubyBox subscription that they offer, for R119 a month you receive a box filled with 5 surprise products. The products are suited to your beauty needs, dependant on the information you fill in on your beauty profile. I, personally, am not a fan of surprises ( I get anxious and totally cray cray just thinking about getting surprise items) so I’m not signed up for it. However, my sister is, and she always has great reviews about her boxes.

So we know the beauty store stocks great products, the points system is off the charts and the monthly Rubyboxes are great but what about their service?

Well, recently I made 3 purchases from the beauty store. Unfortunately, when my first order arrived I was totally disappointed.The eye shadow compact was totes ruined,  I’m guessing it got damaged whilst in transit as the package was not marked fragile. Anyway, as soon as I realised it was damaged I tweeted and emailed Rubybox and I received a reply immediately from their twitter account. Soon after, someone from customer services contacted me and assured me that they will be sending a new eye shadow compact through. And they did , wooohoooo! The other two orders arrived a few days after the first one and I had no issues whatsoever.

So, if you don’t have an account with RubyBox or did not even know they existed until now, click here to check them out- it’s worth the data usage, I promise!


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