I use Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene Foundation to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin

For the past few years, I have been obsessed with discovering the secret to
achieving a gorgeous, radiant glow on the skin using make up – and I’ve finally got it!

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Foundation (see step 1)
  2. Foundation Brush
  3. Stila’s All over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Kitten
  4. Rose Water

meep 109

Step 1: Find a suitable foundation.

I have very sensitive skin, so I was searching for a product that:

  • had a sun protectant factor:
  • wouldn’t irritate my skin or make me breakout and
  • wouldn’t cake up or look like like I just painted my face on.

And so, after experimenting with foundations of different brands, I eventually found my perfect fit. Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene range of foundation in the shade ‘Soft Toast’ suited me perfectly.

Step 2: Mix 2 parts foundation to 1 part of Stila’s Liquid Luminizer in Kitten

On the back of your hand, mix 2 parts foundation to 1 part of Stila’s Liquid Luminizer in Kitten (see review here). The luminizer is essential as this is what gives you the beautiful, radiant glow. However, be sure not to add too much luminizer, you don’t want to shine that bright now .

Step 3: Spray rose water on to your face

After cleansing and moisturizing, spray a little bit of rose water on to your face. Rose water is great for toning and calming the skin, and it helps to achieve a smoother, silkier finish.

Step 4: Apply luminized foundation to wet face.

Before applying the foundation mix, ensure that the rose water has not yet been absorbed by the skin. It needs to be in liquid form in order to homogenize (mix well) with the foundation to achieve the smooth and silky finish.

And that’s it! Just 4 items and 4 mini steps to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin. Here’s to glowing skin, woohoo!


3 thoughts on “I use Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene Foundation to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin

  1. najmah says:

    Salaamz..I love your blog and all your posts…it relates alot to my skin issues and make up brand types I prefer. .I used to also use intervene foundation by elizerbeth arden..but they discontinued it..and I havnt been really checking out any others. ..I would really appreciate if you could suggest to me which other foundation I could get but something that has the same texture as intervene …also I have acne prone skin and lately its been acting up if you could help me with a step by step day and night routine to help would really appreciate it

    thanks so much

    najmah k

    • Raeesa says:

      Wasalaam Najmah and shukran for reading and loving my blog 🙂
      I actually stopped using intervene a while ago, solely because I didn’t need that much of coverage, so I wasn’t even aware that it has been discontinued.

      I’ve been using Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Cream and Alhamdulillah it has agreed to my skin so far. But since you are looking for a foundation I suggest checking out Stila, Smashbox and Chanel counters. Foundations from these brands are available in liquid states and usually work well with acne-prone skin.

      I suggest visiting each of these counters and asking each assistant to apply a little bit of each foundation to different parts of your face that aren’t so visible eg: Smashbox near your left ear, Stila on the right ear and Chanel under your chin. Keep these foundations on your face throughout your shopping trip and only wash off before you sleep. This way, when you wake up the next morning you’ll be able to tell exactly which foundations agree to your skin(the one that hasn’t resulted in a breakout/itchiness) and then you can decide on which one you liked the best and which you would like to invest in!

      I hope this has helped!

      Keep reading and shukran for the support!

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