Madiba, you will truly be missed..

I am South African. And I have never been prouder to be a South African than I am now. South Africa allowed us the opportunity to witness such immense bravery, wisdom and courage and all from just one man.

Nelson Mandela was more than just an activist, former president or freedom fighter. He was a hero. And he always will be one.

Thanks to him, we no longer see ourselves as black, white, coloured or indian, but as South Africans. We are one.

He succeeded in abolishing the apartheid regime. The regime that kept us from our fellow South African brothers and sisters. The regime that had no regard for equality and that judged you on the colour of your skin.

I am so glad for Madiba. He never stopped fighting for our freedom. So that my kids, and their kids and their kids’ kids can live in a democratic South Africa. A South Africa that knows no colour, just love.

Thank you, Madiba. Thank you for helping our rainbow nation keep its formation and may we forever remember all that you have done for us.
Proud South African,


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