Why you shouldn’t be using Faiza Beauty Cream

The problem with women is that we are never happy in our own skin. We are always wanting to change our physical appearance to conform to what society thinks is beautiful. We don’t appreciate what God has blessed us with, and probably never will. We can not agree or accept that beauty includes every shape, size and colour. And I think this is the main reason for the unfortunate success of Faiza Beauty Cream in South Africa.

What I call : The Killer Cream

What I call : The Killer Cream

In Durban, girls have gone crazy for this cream. And not so that it can remove their pimples or dark marks, but because it makes their skin fairer with continued use.

This cream works, it provides results within days of using it with no side effects in the short term, but what about the long term?
How can this cream work so fast? Other products which cost hundreds and maybe even thousands of rands need at least a month to show its results, but how does Faiza Beauty Cream work so fast?

The product has been on the market for only 13 years, no one knows what is contained in this product and it isn’t even dermatologically tested. Some people have even said that it contains Mercury – which is highly possible, as this could be the explanation for the fast and effective results from Faiza Beauty Cream. But yet, no one seems to be bothered by this.

If you are paying R50 for a product, which is produced in Pakistan from ingredients unknown to you, isn’t dermatologically tested but somehow provides such quick and amazing results, how do you not have questions? How are you okay with using it day after day? What if it does contain Mercury? What if as time goes by, it blackens and burns your skin? What if it starts to affect your health and your organs? It is obviously stripping your skin layer by layer, that is how it whitens your skin, and have you ever thought that this may make you more susceptible to skin cancer? How do you continue using it without these concerns?

Ladies, I know that living in today’s world is tough, but why would use such a product on your skin? There are so many unknowns and so many things that could go wrong, so why would you want to chance it?

Is your beauty in the short term more important than your health in the long run? Ask yourself that question the next time that you decide to put that possible killer cream on your face. And remember we all are beautiful, and if we truly believe that then we can change what society considers beautiful.



59 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t be using Faiza Beauty Cream

  1. sadna says:

    Please do not used Fazia Cream contains Mercury does damage to skin, I’ve tried cream and caused an outbreak, had to visit my dermatologist, currently being treated. Worse cheap cream ever

    • sanu says:

      my frnd suggest this cream,i used the faiza more amount one day that causes my skin very harmful.my problem is black marks please suggest some remedies or cream..

    • leeza says:

      Plz tell me.that what another cream the doctor recommenfed you?????
      Because after using this worst cream I had visited many doctors But my skin is not accepting any cream to cure it….
      Plz tell me

  2. Sivey Govender says:

    My friend advised me that Faiza cream is excellent. She had lots of dark marks on her face which has disappeared with a short time. I am very eager to try this cream and it is R50.00 rand but cheap products means that not enough tests done to confirm this product is good. People that are using this cream please advise.

    • Raeesa says:

      Hi Sivey,

      Yes, this cream does work and as you mentioned above cheap products do indeed indicate that not enough tests have been conducted to prove the safety of this product.

      About 5 of the people that I know, that have been using this cream, for the past 2 years or so have ended up with brown marks on their forehead and cheek area – not even Faiza Cream can take this marks away. Therefore, I would advise you NOT to use this product at all. It may prove to work effectively in the short term but you have no idea of the long term effects.

      If you are looking for something to improve skin tone and fade marks, check out my sandalwood and rosewater post and my Victorian Garden Lavender and Myrrh Oil post.

      Hope this helps!

      • yusuf says:

        Slmz raeesa would like to know about the sindel wood and rose water or anything that can help facial brown marks… where can i find it…plz help

      • Raeesa says:

        Ws, you can find my post on the Sandal Wood and Rosewater paste under ‘December’ in ‘Oldies’ which will either be at the bottom of the page or on the left hand side. The post will give you all the info you need!

  3. Sivey Govender says:

    Hi Raeesa – thank you. Will look at sandalwood and rosewater. I have serious menopausal dark marks on both my cheeks and hoping that your products in clear them or perhaps lighten them if not completely cleared.

  4. k23 says:

    Hi all….I have had problem skin about 2 years now and at first I used golden pearl beauty cream which has helped clear my skin but then it seems as though I became addicted with the idea of being fair.I then heard of Faiza beauty cream and began to use it..it worked brilliantly but I noticed that once the cream was finished and I didn’t apply it to my skin for about 2 days my skin became itchy and the pimples started appearing again!..it actually caused me to get fine pimples on my lips and my eyelids started to get a rash and my skin also became darker when I started using the cream again it disappeared and the skin became fairer again. I researched the cream and it is listed under UNSAFE CREAMS!!…I strongly advise that this cream NOT BE USED as it can cause health risks and damage the skin further and another concern is that this cream has became like a drug so what happens if you use it and become obsessed with the idea of being fair and then the price of the cream is raised higher and higher coz suppliers know that you cannot do without it???…..please stop using the cream if you are as I am talking from experience

    • ria negi says:

      thanks a lot for sharing your experience.i recently have started of using this cream.one of my friend using it from past 2 year.but i haven’t seen any of side effects on her skin..but still i researched the cream and found so many side effects listed on the net..although i haven’t seen any of side effect till now but if you are all saying all these then their must be something wrong with this product..

    • Raeesa says:

      Hi Azveen, yes it does have side effects. If you read my post above, you would have gathered that the long term side effects are unknown but definitely possible.

      And as for the immediate or short term side effects, many people that I personally know, that are using this cream, have ended up with brown spots on their forehead and cheeks. They are also unable to stop using the cream, as once they stop applying the cream they start breaking out and more marks appear.

  5. Keshree Pillay says:

    Hi – did ppl have success using a reputable product e.g clarins after faiza cream especially with the removal of black scars and how long did it take?

  6. sibahle says:

    Guys I’m a black lady and a friend recommended this for removal of pimple spots. I’ve always had good skin, but hate the monthly blackheads and marks brought on by my monthly cycle. I do not want to change my skin tone. I love being dark-skinned. A friend recommended faizia cream. I applied and my entire face itched. Stay away from this stuff.

  7. Fatima Bibi says:

    I used golden pearl for like a year or so. I had no idea what it was. And at the time there was no hype about it. I am naturally fair skinned and only starting using it for some acne scarring. A friend had suggested it as she said nothing else worked for a stubborn scar she had, only golden pearl.
    Yes, as mentioned above, it works really fast. I couldn’t find any information about it on the internet at the time. And no one I knew used it.
    I was so chuffed that my skin began to improve and at 1 point it was flawless. But I also started getting spooky white. I was gone pale! After a while I stared noticing how thin my skin was getting. So I figured that my skin was good and I didn’t need to use it anymore.
    When I stopped using it, all hell broke loose. It was as if a mask was lifted off my face. My skin got so bad! I decided to use golden pearl again to control it and it never worked like before.
    For a very long time my skin looked damaged and sort of aged, and I’m only 20 years old.
    Shukar (thanks to Allah) I managed to save my skin and it has greatly improved. Not 100% yet but hopefully soon it will be.
    Don’t even think about using these junk cheap creams. Stick to tried and tested products that mention “dermatologist tested”

    You only have 1 skin to live with for the rest of your life, and its the 1st thing people notice about you, take care of it

    • Anam says:

      Hey I have been using this cream for only 2 months and I have stopped now because I have heard such bad reviews. Also it has made me a little white. I have stopped now do you think jt will cause any damage to my skin. Also I have uneven skin tone because of this I use bicarbonate soda lemon and sugar to exfoliate. Could this cream give cancer and big black spots that stay there forever.

  8. sheena says:

    I have recently heard that “Santoor” cream and soap is really good for acne and scars. It has natural ingredients such as turmeric, sandal wood and almond oil. All products known for helping with acne. I have researched this cream and it does not appear on the list of harmful creams and soaps such as golden pearl and faiza. Maybe this would be a better alternative as most recognised products such as Garnier, Ponds, Neutrogena don’t help with acne as they say it would.

    • Raeesa says:

      Hi Sheena,

      Regarding the Santoor cream and soap, if the ingredients are stated on the packaging and if it can be seen from the ingredients that there are indeed only natural products and no chemicals whatsoever, then I’m pretty sure it would be fine to use. But it is preferable that one should refrain from using these products as they aren’t dermatologically tested. In the short-term it might work really well, however, one can not be sure that the possibility of negative side effects in the long term are remote.

      Garnier, Ponds etc are mostly formulated to deal with odd breakouts, sun spots, dark spots and the odd zit – they aren’t really formulated to deal with skin that is crawling with pimples (even though they may claim so). I’ve been using local, organic and chemical free products on my skin and have noticed a change, so perhaps this is the way to go!


  9. Faaizah says:


    Does the faiza beauty soap also have bad side effects? I stopped using the cream now because I learnt about the side effects so i use nutriderm instead.

    • Raeesa says:

      Ws Faaizah,

      I’m pretty sure that the beauty soap has the side effects too as it is most likely formulated from the same ingredients as the cream.

      Might as well stick to dermatologically tested products!


  10. Devastated says:

    This is the worst cream ever and has started effecting my skin badly.
    One of my friend recommended me this cream as she was getting fairer day by day. Although i was.not very dark but i had a brownish complexion which people complimented as “attractive”. But since i saw my friend getting fairer, i though i should give it a try too.
    When i was using it, it worked wonders, i must tell you. I felt so pretty and it made me fairer day by day.
    But then i realised that i started getting hair on my chin. So i stopped using it. At the start my skin tone was fair. But after two weeks it started getting darker. I had this pigmentation on the side of my chin and my upper lips. I felt devastated.
    I used scrubs to get rid of the pigmentation. And after that i started getting these bumps. I am not sure if they are white heads or what. But they are bad..
    I am soon getting the dermotologist’s appointment. I feel upset and i swear i dont feel like.going out.
    Please do NOT use this cream.

  11. clive says:

    Hello I have just bought da faiza cream cos I have a lot of black marks on my face and a lot of pimples seeing that it is working so well so I gave it a try I am using it now for 5 day please tell me what other creams can I use to get this marks of my face and this pimples and I also used to use golden pearl and it did work for me I stoped using it cos my friend stoped selling it please help

    • Devastated says:

      Dont use it sister. You will have regrets. Please use “skinoren” cream for lightening your spots. And “clinagel” for pimples.
      Dont rely on Faiza for acne. It will do more harm then good. All the best.

  12. R.S.K says:

    i am also using faiza cream since 1 week………..but now when i read that comments which are about the side effects of that cream i decided to stop using that cream right now………..i hope this will prove beneficial for me………….thanks for sharing precious information……………

  13. H.S says:

    i have used it for two days and it really works wonder…no doubts in that….but after learning such horrible experiences, only an insane would continue to use such product

  14. khuselwa says:

    These comments are making me scared nw, i was about to go and buy it o_O. my fear is that i do not want to be whiter in complection, i jus want the pimples and dark marks to go AWAY! The problem often starts when these creames giving u the light complection.

    • Devastated says:

      Dont use it sister. You will have regrets. Please use “skinoren” cream for lightening your spots. And “clinagel” for pimples.
      Dont rely on Faiza for acne. It will do more harm then good. All the best.

  15. Dianne says:

    Hi i would like 2 know more abt da White Gold cream. Is it dangerous like the Faiza cream. I jus want my black marks 2 b removed , not interested in becomin fair.

    • Raeesa says:

      Hi Diane,

      If you are looking to reduce your dark marks, please check out my latest post as I have provided some tips on getting rid of them and you may want to try out Ponds Natural Toning Lotion,

  16. samantha says:

    Hi ladies, your comnents are so helpful. Can anyone e-mail me any remedies to help after the skin has broken out. I was using brido pearl, gorgeous flawless skin resulted however since I stopped, ive got fine pimples almost like a rash.
    e-mail add is samantha.maharaj1@gmail.com.

  17. sana says:

    Hi friends.I feel happy after reading these comments that atleast people are awared of the long term side affets of using these cheap and black listed whitening creams.Please keep away from stuff like this that do wonders over night and actually is devastating ur skin on th other hande.What matters is that that ur skin looks fresh and healthy and for that u gotta have a healthy routine…eat loads of fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water.When ur inner is healthy ur face looks fresh and beautiful.And also set proper routine for everything.

  18. naz says:

    The shittest cream i have ever used in my entire life…i heard different things about this cream but most of my friends said its bad for skin…i only used this for 2 nights in a row and the adverse reaction is sooo bad that i am actually sat writing this review in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come and see me…i wish i could post photos my face is itchy swollen and red beyond belief plz plzz plzzz dont ever use this cream on your faces just use something natural instead…it is just a conn company and should be banned and sued forever…infact i would take them to court if i lived in pakistan. At the end of the day i am so stupid because if it did turn skin colour clear and white it would be a wonder of the world and nobody would turn to cosmetic surgery neither would people need to turn to makeup if this made u white and flawless with no marks or spots…plz stay well away from this crap and use something natural instead..i wont be going into work for atleast a week but this faiza cream has scarred me for life 😦 😦 😦 hate ittt

  19. Misha says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been using Faiza Cream for the past 5 years. Here is my complete story:
    It worked wonder at the start. I got fairer day by day. Even my friends were shocked about this miracle. But after having been used it for almost one and a half year, I could not continue using it due to some busy routine but guess what my skin declined even more rapidly than it got better. My skin got much darker and I also faced intense pimple problem. Now my pimple issue has been resolved after having an extensive skin treatment by a dermatologist but I don’t know what to do about my complexion. I have also been using Faiza again for about 6 months but its not showing any result at all about my complexion.
    So any more experienced person here, please suggest how I can get fair complexion again? Should I continue using this cream or switch to some other?

    • Shanny says:

      Its in your best interest not to use Faiza again or even a cream called White Gold,your skin will get worst.I stopped the cream and leaving it to heal on its own.It has bad after effects,itching,burning.Try to get natural home remedies to gain fair complexion if thats what you want

      • Misha says:

        thats what i want, please tell me some natural or cosmetic totkas for absolute fair complexion that ain’t have any considerable side effects.

  20. Saima says:

    It’s all making sense to me now. Faiza was recommended to me by a friend and I used it for 2 years during which time I had a lovely complexion and skin tone, however 4 months ago I stopped using faiza as I felt the cream was not the same anymore but since stopping it I have gone nearly 2 shades darker in colour, have brown marks on my face and get regular spots , something which I never got even in my teens and have irritation around my eyes. I am devastated and don’t know what to do now. I have spent a fortune on lots of different face creams since but nothing suits my skin now. I wish I had never set eyes on faiza.

    My only advice would be do not go near faiza or it’s sister cream Sana. The manufacturers should be charged with fraud and face criminal charges. If anyone comes by a reputable alternative which can help restore the skin please share. I will be much obliged. 😦

    • Shanny says:

      Hi Saima-I had the same problem,its so depressing,im still having to deal with it but its healing,seems a long process.I used Blue Seal Vaseline at night especially on my eye lids cos of the itchy and burning,same helped to get rid of the dry skin as well.Now im using a rash cream on my eye lids and Avon oil for the dark patches.My husband skin was worst and he used tumeric powder mixed with rose water EVERY day and it helped.

  21. Shamilla says:

    please help me, i have so terrible pimple scars on my face, lately its becoming BAD.My cousin is using this faiza cream and recommended me to use it. And hey im afraid what will it do to my skin, as it is already so bad. Does santoor soap and cream help?

    • Raeesa says:

      Hi Shamilla, if your scars are as bad as you say it is, you may need to seek professional help. Make an appointment with your dermatologist and he may suggest certain treatments and procedures that can help lighten the scars, such as: chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

    • Roxanne Pillay says:

      Hi Shamilla

      I don’t think you should be using these whitening or lightening scar creams/soaps – I know of one person who used this – her skin lightened rapidly – but so did her HEALTH – she developed kidney problems and now has to stay away from certain medication and caffeine and alchohol due to this – her skin also broke out badly and she is now darker then she was before the cream – I know they say no pain no gain – I have been using Neutrogena products for the last two years (after having tried Dermalogica, Gatineau Clinic and the rest of the high end products) this helped me, you should also check that your acne problem is not hormonal (if so your GP can prescribe the pill to get rid of the bad skin) – I always remove my make up each night, I drink lotsa water – eat as healthy as possible and I use Neutrogena Soy range – this helped me. Hope these suggestions help you too.

  22. SpunkyLassie says:

    Hi all. Thank you Raeesa… Here’s my story… So after a shower last night, I decided to try out my cousins face cream – Faiza – Sincing her skin looked radiant and scars all gone, i thought I’d give it a try too. I used just under a pea size on my entire face & neck. Seemed to moisturize my skin without leavin it oily. This morning I awakened to an itchy face (mostly the eye & neck area) My face was doubled in size. I then realized it must be an allergic reaction. Not too long after, I had to rush to the doctor as the swelling & itching wouldn’t stop. Advice to all the woman… Be-You-tiful! Yes we always wanna be lookin our best. & your skin is one of the things people look at first. But look at me now. I rather have the skin I had, than to be lookin like a paw-paw 😦
    Thank you Raeesa for this page, so gonna share it with all my friends & family.

    • Raeesa says:

      Hi SpunkyLassie! Im so sorry to hear about your experience, I hope your skin is recovering well and that you get it back to normal. I’m glad that my post came in handy, and please do share and educate others ☺️

    • shan says:

      Thanks for the website for educating and sharing our experiences.I hope there is an alternative way to get to people who has no access to internet and just continue with this killing cream.

  23. malarie says:

    hi all i want to know if White gold anti marks is safe to use? my skin is a little darker around my mouth area and someone has bought this cream for me to try out , please advise?

    • shan says:

      Hi Malarie
      Dont even try it,its just as bad as Faiza.I im still trying to get my face back to normal with White Gold cream.

    • Raeesa says:

      Hi Rosh, I think in general it is best to stay from any type of ‘fairness cream’ if you are looking to improve your complexion, perhaps try one of the POND’s creams

  24. shay says:

    Hi fellow readers I have been using fairness creams but that of which were not faiza or golden pearl, my skin got lighter but acne and marks followed after a few months, I found myself once the perfect complexion just treating my face with anti mark creams however I am growing tired now of having to constantly look at alternate anti mark creams because they start to lose effect after time and I am pleading for help I need a way out I had brown skin before and I just want to be natural again but how? Please help…

  25. sans says:

    Has anyone used lakme skin care product? I use the foundation and its great but im apprehensive about the creams 😦

  26. sesh says:

    Hi guys what moisturiser would u guys advise me to use iv used demelan n it made my skin worse pls suggest a night n day cream anyone pls

  27. Carmen says:

    Hi I am getting married on 19 March 2016 , and a local Beautician recommended i used Faiza to clear the marks on my face. I am really scared though. Currently i amusing the Ponds Flawless radiance range including the Toner and day and night cream. Please help me

  28. Hannah says:

    Someone please help me.

    I have been using the golden pearl cream for just two months it has made me fair. I have stopped using it now and I’m really scared would I be getting dark black patches also would this be causing cancer. It’s mainly made my cheak chin and forehead white. What do I do. I have stope using jt now I’m never going to touch it. My skin isn’t one tone. I was thinking would it be harmful if I used bicarbonate soda..lemon and sugar mixed as a mask to get rid of my spot marks.

  29. dilsha samroz says:

    Hi raeesa ..i m fair..but jst bcz of blackheads i want to use faiza cream..can i use it for short period of tym..and leav it…does i hv any problem..???

  30. elizabeth says:

    i have used faiza for almost a month. after reading the scary stories i just want to never use this faiza thing again. plz can i shift to using bio oil in my face. plz can you send the answer through my email.

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