Surviving Campus: 5 must-have items for your campus bag

Sometimes your day at campus can seem to go on forever therefore you need all the necessities to get through the day. No, I’m not talking about pens, books, lippie and your lunch – but rather about the 5 must-have items that you should always have in your campus bag. And here they are:

1) A bottle of water

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is what we all should aim for, and by keeping a bottle of water in your bag, it’s easier to achieve this. Try to find a bottle that is 750ml, which constitutes 3 glasses of water, and will keeps you hydrated through the day.

2) A good sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher

This one is super duper important. Most times, your lectures require you to walk from block to block or building to building which exposes your skin to sun. The sunblock that you apply before you leave for campus will only protect your skin for 30-60 min so it is essential for you to reapply during the course of the day,

3) An umbrella

Yup you read that correctly, an umbrella. Lately, the weather in SA, particularly Durban, has been totally unpredictable. To save yourself from being totally drenched in a generous shower of rain, carry a handbag-sized umbrella in your campus bag.

4) A bunch of safety pins

There is nothing worse than having your bag strap tear apart or ripping a hole in your clothes, safety pins are an easy fix and will save you any embarrassment. It’s a safety net.

5) Your phone charger

Now this one is the must-have of all must-haves. I’m guilty for using the free Wi-Fi on campus, I’m constantly downloading apps or tweeting which eats up my battery life in no time. So having a charger on campus is a life saver and well a battery saver too.

And there it is. The 5 must have items for your campus bag – never be caught without them!


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