The Victorian Garden’s Lavender and Myrrh Facial Healing Oil is a must-have for damaged, scarred and acne-prone skin

I’ve been looking for a serum/facial oil to lighten/remove all the marks left behind from previous breakouts, without causing more breakouts. And lo and behold, I discovered this little beaut on Faithful To Nature’s website.


This facial oil is amazing. It truly is. I have had marks on my skin – red and brown marks – that refused to go away no matter how many home remedies I tried. But once I started using this facial healing oil, my marks have started to lighten as the days go by. I also love that even though this is an oil, it doesn’t bring up any new pimples whatsoever. And if I do happen to get a pimple, I just dab some of this magic oil on to it which helps to calm it and decrease in size.

This oil is perfect for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, oily skin or dry skin. It really does help to rejuvenate the skin and restore your skin’s texture over time – it’s a healing oil not a miracle worker!

I use it at night, applying 3 drops to my entire face, an hour before I sleep. I don’t ever sleep, straight after applying this oil because it will just rub off into the pillow which is defeating the purpose of using the oil.
I used to also add a drop to my foundation to give my face a glowing effect. But thankfully, I don’t find the need to use foundation everyday as I am much more confident and not so wary of my now not-so-visible marks. Yay me!

This little darling is packaged in a 12ml bottle and has a dropper attached to the cap for easy application.


I’ve been using it for a month now, and still have about 3/4 of the bottle left – so not only does it work, but it lasts long too. And for only R74, it’s a bargain! Try it out for a month or two, and honestly, you will see results! You can purchase it here or here!



5 thoughts on “The Victorian Garden’s Lavender and Myrrh Facial Healing Oil is a must-have for damaged, scarred and acne-prone skin

      • Fatima says:

        I know I’m abit delayed. But is there no other place where we can purchase this oil except online. I really need something to cure these random pimples I’m getting especially on my forehead and my right cheek. I use garnier pure active daily gel and daily scrub for oily skin, I then use eucerine for oily skin as a daily moisturiser. But but 10am my face is shining with so much oil. I don’t know what to do. so far it’s kinda working it’s a month now but I need something for scars, and marks and I’m so afraid to try more products and waste more money. I was so close to buying faiza whitening cream until I read your blog. I’m interested in this oil I feel like it will help with these random painful zits I get on my forehead and my cheeks.

      • Raeesa says:

        Hi Fatima,

        I think it is only available online, however maybe get in touch with the guys over at The Victorian Garden and perhaps they can help you out?
        For your daily skin care routine, you’ve got to find what works for you. My skin care routine involves the double cleansing method (oil cleanser and salicylic acid cleanser), an acne serum+sunblock during the day and this wonderful oil at night. I keep my routine as simple as possible.
        I would suggest stopping the daily scrub as that could be causing the pimples. Perhaps, use the Bee Natural Cleansing Balm instead, its just R60 and works wonders. It cleanses and removes makeup.

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