Surviving campus: Back to the grind

So it’s just the second day that I’m back at campus and I already have all of my test, examination and supplementary examination dates – welcome to postgrad!


I’ve realized, after speaking to others who have attempted and passed postgrad in one year, that my success this year all depends on me. I’ve got to put in the effort, I’ve got to study hard, I’ve got to understand and master every single topic and concept that I need to. It’s all on me.

Many have even said that I need to give up my social life, that I need to forget about my Saturday night outings and my Sunday afternoon lunches with friends. And I decided I will. I mean, it’s only 8 months of my life that I’ve got to give up. Only 8 months that will guarantee me a spot to write the ITC 2015. It’s only 8 months. I just hope that I can do it. I don’t want to take postgrad lightly mainly because I don’t wanna end up repeating again next year.

Since it’s such a tough and demanding year and since I really, honestly and truly need to focus in order to get through it, my blog will have to take a back seat. I’ll only be posting once a week and unfortunately, maybe even once in 2 or 3 weeks if my course get rather unmanageable. Sad times, I know!

But never fear! I end of in October, so I shall be back with a bang and il be posting like crazzzzzyyy once I’m done and hopefully have passed!

Until then, keep me in your prayers and remember me always..



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