New blog series: Local is Lekker

So, I’ve been contemplating for a while, on whether to do this series or not, and I’ve finally decided to stop thinking about and just do it!

The purpose of this blog series is not to brainwash you into thinking a certain way, it’s just an avenue for me to create awareness of the amazing Proudly South African brands and locally manufactured products that are available for you to purchase, if you want to purchase it!

We are all guilty of purchasing imported goods, particularly those that are Made in China, or Taiwan or India, that’s why I thought that this series will be a good idea! For each post in the series, I will be focusing on a different South African brand that I have come across, discussing what products they offer, where you can purchase their products from and any other information that will be relevant to you.

I think it’s great to support our Proudly South African brands – after all, local is lekker! And no, this doesn’t mean you should solely support South African brands, I know that’s difficult to do, not even I can’t do that! But perhaps, slowly get into it and hopefully we will make it a habit! So don’t forget to look out for my Local is Lekker posts, to get all the info you need on your amazing, local products😊.

Please note that I am not getting paid by any of the brands that will be featured in this series, this is just a self-initiated blog series to create awareness for my readers.



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