Event: Rain Africa

Last Saturday, Rain Africa held an amazing event for us Durban bloggers, and I was lucky enough to be invited.


I know my post is a bietjie delayed but unfortunately I was stuck studying for my tests, so I didn’t get a chance to do the post until today ☺️! My dearest and sincerest apologies! Now for thee nitty gritty:

What was the event all about?
Well, it was basically an introduction to Rain, what it’s brand stands for, how their products are made and what their products are made from.

Our amazing hosts for the event were thee super cool guys, Yusuf and Ryan, of Rain Gateway. They put together an insightful presentation on everything Rain which was pretty awesome – all slides were handmade from recyclable material –
too cool.

So what did you learn about Rain?
Well a little over a year ago, a wonderful and amazing woman, Beverly Missing, created Rain. What started of as a little soap-making adventure in her garage has turned into a fully fledged factory with over 60 worker bees making these amazing products.

Through Beverly’s business and brand she has impacted the lives of so many, by creating job opportunities for those that were poverty stricken, unemployed and/or illiterate. Not only does she run a business, she has created a family too. What I find amazing is that no matter what hardships her worker bees face, they still come to work with a smile on their face and love in their hearts. They even say a prayer at the beginning of each working day, asking for their love to reach us, each and every time we use a Rain product. So sweet, I know!

What I love about Rain products, is that it’s simply quality, hand-made products that are created from the bounties given to us by Mother Nature. Products that are made by people for people. It truly can not get better than that.

Their products contain no parabens,
petroleum jelly, mineral oil, liquid paraffin or petrochemicals. And oh yes, no products are tested on animals nor are any of the products produced by children. Double YAY!

Awesome! So where was the event held?
The event was held at the beautiful and oh-so-serene Makaranga Lodge in Kloof. Clear skies paired with the breathtaking views of the natural greenery made this the perfect venue. It felt like a whole other world upon entering, I sort of felt like I was in the movie The Secret Garden – just surrounded by so much beauty and serenity, it was great! I’ll definitely be making a trip back there soon, and you should too. You’ll defo enjoy it, I promise!





So what else did you lucky ladies get up to??
We had Cameron ( This isn’t her correct name, I think it’s Tracey, but I call her Cameron due to her uncanny resemblance to Cam Diaz ☺️) from Tsonga handmade, who showed us just how difficult it is to make your own skoene. We each were a given a shoe, a needle and some thread and were told to create one stitch, yup just one. It took me 5 minutes to get one stitch completed and then Cameron tells us that the ladies over at Tsonga make a pair of these shoes in about 45 minutes – and that’s when I hung my head in shame – those ladies are so talented!



We were also treated to soothing hand massages from Ronelle, tasty mixed juices and a very yummy looking cake!

The cake is an exact replica of one of Rain’s gift boxes, I think, for the Savannah range. So pink and gorgeous, I love it!


We also got to try out a few of the Rain products. My fav has to be the Savannah range. It smells exactly like DKNY women, I swear. It’s as if DKNY is mixed in there, somewhere. It’s not, but it smells just like it!


We even got a great goodie bag, with Rain’s new product, the tree mist, and I also received the Biologie hand lotion – both if which I love! I just can’t get enough. And if you’d like to purchase some of Rain’s gorgeous goodies you can find them in Gateway (across Call It Spring), at the V&A (near Lush and The Body Shop) or you can conveniently shop online.


Okay, so that’s that. It was just a great event spent with great people and great products. I would definitely do it all over again!



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