Local is Lekker: Hyde and Seek Leather

Adding a leather piece/item (not leather pants!) to my overall look makes me feel super edgy and sleek, and I guess this was what inspired this post. So when I came across the Hyde & Seek Leather website a few weeks/months ago, I just knew HSL will be a great addition to my Local is Lekker blog series!

march 173

So let us get right into it, HSL was launched in October of 2013, with the aim of providing quality and stylish genuine leather statement designs to the interested consumer. HSL’s mission is to “break new ground in exclusive handcrafted leather apparel in an environmentally sustainable way by embracing South Africa’s local resources and design talent” and their mission is on the right track, as far as I am concerned! I find it so inspiring and rousing when business/brands are consistently contributing to the economy of South Africa whilst ensuring the sustainability of our environment, it doesn’t get any better than that!

So I had a lookie at all of the products that HSL has on offer, and it was pretty hard to choose just one favourite piece, as both their bags and accessories are super cute! But, I’ve narrowed them down to the  3 items that I just couldn’t stop thinking about, so here they are:


clutch 1



I know all of thee above are clutches, but they are just so gorg! How could they not be my fav?? I totally love them! BTW, apologies for the images above being so close to each other, they refused to give each other space! I tried, it just didn’t work. Perhaps, they are BFF’s for life?


Being curious about these amazing pieces, I decided to have a little chat with the mastermind behind HSL, just to gain a little more insight on the background and beginnings of HSL. So here’s what I learnt:

  • HSL is the brainchild of Alleyah Kader (see pic below), a Cape Town based business analyst with some mad creative and design skill;


  • With the completion of a pattern making & design course, a degree in Business Management and qualifications in Project Management & Business Analysis, she has managed to plan, integrate and execute the infrastructures for HSL as well as all the supporting processes that make the wheels turn. She’s uber talented, I know! I’m slightly jelly :(.
  • She has a passion for working with leather and loves creating fully handcrafted leather pieces that are unique and sassy, making HSL more of a creative outlet than a business to her.
  • Her business partner/ husband (a qualified CA) guiding light when it comes to making  financial decisions for HSL. Uhm, a total YAY for us accounting lovers, we totally rock! 😀
  • The inspiration for the design of the HSL ranges come from anywhere and everywhere. Alleyah is most inspired when she sees/experiences something new but the ability to create a chic and unique masterpiece from solely an idea created in her mind is simply her biggest inspiration!

So if you like what you read/saw, HSL’s full range is available on their website and orders can be placed directly with them at hello@hydeandseekleather.co.za or via any social pages! And they deliver nationally and internationally too, woohoo! So go on over to HSL’s website, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram and check them out!

And oh yes, HSL has recently partnered with Zhoosh! Australia and are currently in the process of forming partnerships in Germany and the US, so watch this space!


So that’s that! Until next time!



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