All About: Madison Boutique

If you live in South Africa, you will defo agree with me that Cape Town has the best stores, in comparison to the rest of SA. The Mother City is the host to stores such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry, amongst many others – so it makes total sense that CT is home to the  luxurious Madison Boutique!


Madison Boutique, an exclusive shopping destination which stocks an array of sought after international brands, was created in 1997 and is the brainchild of mother and daughter duo, Sue and Debbie Goldstein. The inspiration to start up their own business was the result of their raw passion for fashion and style and many years of experience in the retail industry. In their aim to provide a luxury shopping experience for every customer that walks through the door, they offer personal style help for those I-want-to-buy-something-but-I-don’t-know-what or I-don’t-know-what-looks-good-on-me kind of days and they even have in-store cappuccino, so you can sip, shop and feel energized all at the same time – and by having a single, owner-managed store that is unique and like no other, it makes all of the above possible.


Hello there, Debbie!

Hello there, Debbie!



“Madison Boutique specializes in collections that boast superior quality fabrics and up-to-the-minute styling. I have developed a keen eye for lines that are sophisticated yet easy to wear and allow women to feel both comfortable and stylish. Whether it is everyday basics from Vienna, reversible swimwear from Columbia or edgy classics from Amsterdam, I make sure to dedicate my time to sourcing unique collections in limited quantities for my discerning clients. Key elements that assist me in my decisions are trend, style and quality.”  said Debbie,  when asked on how decisions are made  regarding the items that are sold in Madison Boutique. For Winter 2014, Debbie has introduced a new collection from Dutch brand, YAYA. Here’s a look at some of my favourite items from YAYA, that you can find in store at Madison Boutique:

003713_Front-Dip Dye Sweater, Cotton, Grey Mel.-Provence012067_Front-Printed Bouson Top, Viscose, Charcoal Gray Dessin021389-4S1_Front-Basic Chino Pants, Cotton, Provence

As most of the items stocked by Madison Boutique are  imported, their prices range from R500 to about R2000 per item, but hey if it’s an item that is of a great quality, you wouldn’t mind paying over R500, now would you? If you like what you saw above then  you can visit Madison Boutique in Constantia Village, Cape Town or you can have look at their items on their website or Facebook page to see more of the goodies that they stock!


Happy shopping!









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