All About: Ajmaan Scarves

Jersey-type scarves were never my thing. I always felt uncomfortable, claustrophobic and slightly hearing-impaired whenever I attempted to wear one – it just felt unnatural. However, over the past few months I’ve somehow grown accustom to these scarves and just can’t seem to get enough.
So when I received an awesome package from Hafiza, one of the Ajmaan distributors in SA, it really did make my day!


So if you don’t know ‘who’ Ajmaan is or ‘what’ an Ajmaan scarf is and somehow you seem to have missed the stall at the Al-Ansaar Souk, then let me explain. Ajmaan is the first pin-free scarf that was created in 2011, and is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur, Salma Navlakhi. She created it after noticing that women always had to pin their scarves to keep it from falling off and yet even though it was pinned, they still spent so much of time fixing their scarves.

Ajmaan basically aims to provide women with a scarf that is modest, chic and trendy all at once – allowing you to stay fashionable without comprising on your beliefs as a Muslim woman!

The 2 scarves that I received were the three-toned black, beige and leopard print scarf and the ruched scarf in burgundy.
Here’s what the scarves look like when worn, modeled by thee ever so stunning face of Ajmaan, Tasneem:



The three-toned ones are always a great choice as it goes well with almost everything, and leopard print is pretty much a neutral these days so it totally works. The ruched one though, is definitely my fav. It’s in a solid color which is always great and it’s something different due to the ruching. Many of the scarf shops are flooded with thee ‘normal’ scarves, so it’s wonderful to have one that’s so different!

You’ll be seeing both the scarves being featured on my blog as part of an OOTD post, hopefully sooner rather than later! I love doing OOTD posts and it seems to do well with you guys too, it’s just that OOTD posts do take a lot of time – as I can only get them done on weekends and I’ve got to make sure the outfit, accessories, lighting, weather and location is perfect (which doesn’t always work out!). But nevertheless, they will defo be featured! So please do look out for that :).

In the mean time, if you would like to purchase an Ajmaan scarf or if you are curious on how to wear yours then please do check out Hafiza’s blog!
You can also find Hafiza on FB here or follow her on Twitter here!

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