Pin Cushions, Phone Pouches and all things Clari

A while ago, I compiled a post on Clari Designs (read it here), as part of my Local is Lekker blog series. And a few weeks ago, I received a beautiful little package from the Clari Design team! Such sweethearts, I know!


Before we even get to the actual items, I just want you guys to take a look at the manner in which it was gifted to me. I always love when packages are beautifully wrapped, it let’s me know that the gift-giver put a lot of thought, effort and time into it – which makes me feel really special! And the handwritten notes are always the cherry on top, it’s so much more personal.



So included in my gorgeous package was a tee, a crocheted phone pouch and a stunning pin cushion – all handmade of course!
The pin cushion and pouch were both customized just for me in my favorite color ever – Purple 😄!! And yup, it is actually purple even though the name of my blog might make you think otherwise!

Let’s focus on this cute pin cushion, shall we? I actually enquired about the possibility of making pin cushions, from Clari. I think I was kind of desperate for one, mostly because I always end up losing my straight scarf pins, which was really frustrating! I’m just so lazy to put them back into the little trinket box that they came out from and poking them into a cushion would be so much easier – yeah, I’m that lazy. So anyway, I needed one that was cute, usable and that matched my room color – and it was like my prayers were answered when this cute little pin cushion made it’s way home!





Even though this was originally a one-off product from Clari Designs, the super sweet Chantel agreed on taking orders for these pin cushions from you guys!!
I think it will make for such a great Eid gift for someone in your fam or even for yourself. You can fully customize it by choosing the shape, colour and size of the pin cushion too. If you want one like mine, with the little embellishment on it, that will cost you R55 or if you just want a plain one, it’s R30! It really is worth it, considering the fact that it will keep your pins safe for a long time to come!

Next, we move on to the gorgeous crocheted phone pouch (R45). What I love about the phone pouch, besides that it was handmade especially for me and that it’s simply exquisite, is the fact that it doesn’t have to be used as just a phone pouch. You could use it for whatever you like – be it storing makeup, cards & money or even hairbands & hairpins! It really is more than just a phone pouch 😉.



The African Heart tee (R180) is one of Clari’s newest designs but unfortunately isn’t available to purchase just yet! The green stitch-ons (I’m not sure if that’s a word?) on the black fabric, really does make the t-shirt pop! I love T-Shirts because they are easy to wear and can easily be dressed up by throwing a blazer or a long-sleeved cardi over. I’ll be featuring the t-shirt in an upcoming OOTD post on an uber special day, so look out for that!

If you like what you saw and read above, then perhaps check out Clari Design out on Mzansi Store, Hello Pretty and they will soon be making their way onto ShopaGift. And if you are one of the lucky ones that live in the Western Cape then be sure to pay their shop a visit, located in the small town of Piketberg. You can also find Clari Designs on Facebook and Twitter too, so remember to like and follow!
And if you are interested in get a custom-made pin cushion, then just message the Clari team on Facebook, or tweet them, and they will gladly help out!


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