Win: An Abaya and Pin-free Scarf from Jilbaab

{This giveaway has ended}

Choosing the winner for this giveaway was extremely difficult for both Humayra and myself. So many of you guys entered (Shukran for that!) but unfortunately there is only one prize to  giveaway! We were initially going to choose the winner based on the best comment, unfortunately this task was impossible, as all you guys made such great cases on why you deserve to win! Seeing as all of you guys were deserving of the prize, H and I decided to randomly choose a name out of a hat in order to give everyone an equal chance. I know every one of you who entered the competition believes that your comment was the best and that you deserved to win, but please do not be disappointed or upset with Humayra or me – there are many more giveaways to come and Insha’Allah, every one of you will win something on my blog! Ameen!mid jul 017As Salaamualaikum Lovelies,

I’ve got great news for you! Being the blessed month of Ramadaan, Jilbaab in conjunction with GITGH, is giving you guys an opportunity to win a stunning Abaya and Pin-free Scarf for Eid!!

So if you haven’t heard of Jilbaab before, let me fill you in! Jilbaab, the ultimate cover for Muslimahs, is the supplier of ladies burkas, abayas, abaya jackets, jilbaayaahs, hats, bands, pin-free scarves, bridal burkas and much,much more! If you’d like to check out more of what Jilbaab has on offer then you can hop on over to their blog or you can find them Instagram or on Facebook!

Okay, so now for the prize 😄 As mentioned before you can win an abaya and a pin-free scarf. Both of which are featured below and are from Jilbaab’s latest Eid range and is valued at a whopping R730 – yes, you may faint now!



If you’d like to be in the running to win, all you’ve got to do is:
Comment below with your height (so we can send you an abaya in your correct size) and a few lines on why you should be the one to win this awesome prize!

That’s it! Super simple to enter, so there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t enter!

The giveaway will end on the 18th of July and the prize will be sent off to the winner on the 19th of July, Insha’Allah! We sincerely hope that the prize reaches you before Eid but unfortunately, as the delivery method of choice is ‘Post Office to Post Office’ neither Humayra or myself can guarantee this. So, if you are the lucky winner, make sure you do have a backup Eid outfit in case of any delays on the part of the Post Office!
And oh yes, the colour of the pin-free scarf sent to the winner will be decided upon by Humayra of Jilbaab!

Good luck dearies and may the odds be in your favour!

42 thoughts on “Win: An Abaya and Pin-free Scarf from Jilbaab

  1. Sophia says:

    ooooooh its so MashaAllah 🙂 Its to die for 🙂 I am 1.5 m. I would really love to win this stunning abaya 🙂 I can never afford to purchase myself one and i can live in a abaya everyday 🙂

  2. Layla says:

    Being a stay at home mum often leaves me with little or no time to get me an outfit for Eid, and for the past few years I haven’t actually bought me an Eid outfit!! Suffice to say, it would be a welcomed surprise if I should be chosen InShaAllah. BTW, I’m 1.7m tall. XxLayla

  3. amina says:

    لسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكَاتُ
    Hope you are doing well this Ramadaan. I would absolutely love to win one of these gorgeous abaya’s. I recently took the decision to go into niqaab, and it is something that I am really enjoying. I wanted to do it for a quite a long time, however the exhorbitant prices of the abaya’s always held me back. I know that it probably sounds so materialistic, but I guess everyone has their own inner demons to battle. Eventually I just closed my eyes and took a dive in. I have no regrets. Winning an abaya like this would be like a dream come true. It is stylish, gorgeous and refreshing. Even the scarves are just amazing:D I am a size 54:) جزاك الله خير for allowing us the opportunity to enter

  4. humairad says:

    I’m a 58 abaya length. I’m not a person who usually wins anything, but would love to win this gorgeous abaya as it is something which is part of my everyday life, and it’s absolutely stunning!!

  5. Nasreen says:

    What an amazing giveaway! This is the first year in which I will be wearing an abaya for Eid. I have recently been inspired to wear hijab full time and this is all thanks to all the amazing bloggers out there (particularly you!) who have shown me that wearing hijab exemplifies the muslimah in oneself and at the same time, shows others that you are proud of who you are! Regardless of all the pretty decent outfits out there that can go well with beautiful hijabs, I will still be wearing an abaya, as this Eid is no longer a celebration for my family due to the death of a close family member. My height is 1.55 I think (usually take a 56 length abaya). Nasreen xxx

  6. saffiyah says:

    slmz,my abaya size is 58.and why i should win is coz its very hard to find normal clothes to wear dats islamicly appropriate,and abayas are the perfect outfit.

  7. ayesha Iqbal says:

    My abaya height is size 58. I wanna win this abaya because I only wear abayas out of the house. It wud b awesome to have a designer abaya to wear out.

  8. Maquia says:

    Slmz, my height is 1,5m, this would be an excellent prize for me to win as I’ve recently decided to turn a new leaf, I’m one of those females who are walking around with extremely tight jeans & t-shirts.

  9. Mariam says:

    I was always a jeans n T person. But abayas being so beautiful I’ve decided to start wearing them and insha Allah full time in the future. And this abaya will look really good hanging in my closet waiting to be worn. If I do Insha Allah win it, I’ll wear this stunning abaya the day my future in laws come and see me. My height is 1.5m

  10. memrsme says:

    Oh wow, when I saw abaya giveaway I though “eh…” But when I saw the picture! 😍😍😍 I’ve never really been inspired by Anaya’s but this or just knocks my socks off!! I would love to rock it! I’m a 1.5m small!! Ooooh in sha Allah!

  11. Nadia says:

    An abaya adorned by a muslim woman brings out her inner beauty.
    To others it may just be a simple piece of clothing but to my fellow muslim sisters its a symbol of our morals, values and beliefs. I would love to wear one of these stunning pieces for Eid:) I am 1.5m 🙂 Hope I’m the chosen one! Insha Allah

  12. malini says:

    Salaam namaste, I am entering this competition for my friend n neighbour, fatima khan. 3months ago she n her husband had to leave durbs and relocate to klerksdorp. Becuase of jobs .We miss them alot. She will be coming on the 26th of this month n I know she will love this so much. Jazakallah. Malini.

  13. Feeya says:

    I’m 1.64 and would love to win this as I have made a resolution to change my life completely ia in more ways than one.

  14. MARIAM DRAMAT says:

    salaam my length – 144cm and waist- 108 cm i would love to win this stunning abayah because im always just dressed in plain black with no make up and slippers yes i wear slippers on eid or going to weddings. My husband never saw me looking glamours,with this STUNNING Abayah i will wear heels no more slippers this year for eid.

  15. lamesa arend says:

    Asalaamualaikum, my height is 1.52m and the reason why I would like to win the abaya is because they are so beautiful , but quite pricey to afford.The pin free scarve is absolutely beautiful as well.

  16. aathika says:

    Slms. I’m one of those “fashionably challenged” women. I grew up wearing jeans n tees, most of the time the tees were my bigger brothers – lol. So u can just imagine. When I got married however, I started wearing abaya. And now I’m in Niqaab. My hubby always tells me to “dress my my abaya up”, n I do try. (That’s why I subscribe to sooooo many hijab blogs) this sort of abaya will help me sooo soo much n I wouldn’t be confused abt what scarf to match it with etc. mayb for once I could get it right. Inshaallah – I’m a 56 length. Good luck to all the ladies who entered – may the most deserving win inshaallah Ameen. *hugs*

  17. Hasiena Rasool says:

    Assalaamualaykum , I wear a 60 long abaya , I wud luvvvvvv to win this as I instantly fell in luv with it , jzklh to both Humz nd GITGH for the comp .

  18. tanzila says:

    Stunning…I would like to enter for my mum whose height is 1.5m. She hardly buys a new clothing for herself all year round including Eid making sure her 4 children have their eid clothes ready first. She doesn’t find it necessary to buy clothes for herself or adorn herself anymore as she’s a single mum to us 4 kids, yet when we save and buy her something new the happiness in visible in her eyes and smile.

  19. HALEEMA says:

    Slms…ooh love these giveaways although I never win. If possible I wud like to give my mums details – size 56(abaya). She was diagnosed with cancer in January and has not been herself since then. She has had to remove both breasts and have endless chemo treatments and is really really down. Especially in ramadaan as she feels she is not having maximum benefit of the month. She is such a strong person tho and has endured so much in the past months. May ALLAH grant her the strength to continue and fight this sickness. Ameen.

  20. Yaseera says:

    Omg!!! Its stunning absolutely stunning, I love everything about this, especially the flare I love the flareness fit to make any girl feel like a queen, royalty, if theres one give away that I would highly appreciate and would absolutely love its this one, im only the one that doesnt get to wear a abaya for eid but this year im hoping to change that and from what better than jilbaab and GITGH, its so prettty! Makes me wana wear it everyday 😀 😀 the detail is to the T and I would love this stunner I am 1.5 m more or less an absolute shorty hehe

  21. nazima says:

    slms. a stunning and beautiful gift giving thought to go with a stunning and beautiful abaya
    honestly im chancing here. im not one for competitions , neither do i take the time to add comments.
    im not a full time hijabi, insha allah , one day, ameen.
    although i have started with my friday hijabs to work. compliments galore .
    with this motivation, insha allah , i will become a full time hijabi, ameen but being in my late 30s, its expensive to keep up with fashion for oneself, especially, when you have girls , one already a teenager , the other not far from that.
    so to win this stunning outfit will definitely add to the collection, making dua 🙂

    • nazima says:

      slms . nazima again , maaf forgot to add that i usually take a size 56 and im 1.6 in height. shows that im not used to commenting , lol

  22. hawa mitha says:

    I recently started wearing abaya full time ,that abaya you giving away would be lovely as an inspiration I am a size 56 ,I also recently visited your stall at the recent fair you have a lovely range Alhamdulillah

  23. Yums says:

    My daughter Wears a size 58

    My daughter who has been by my side this ramadhaan, helping me to prepare, cook and fry and most important she helped me clean up
    This will b the perfect thank u gift… To show how much I appreciate her

    May Allah reward all my daughters abundantly both in this world and in the next

  24. nuri says:

    Im 37 weeks pregnnt,alhmdllh managin to fast..yet no energy to do eid wud b th perfct eid gift,after my baby ofcrs 😉 im a size 52

  25. Yaseera says:

    And so I went to get myself especially measured at the dressmaker for this stunner abaya im 1.34 I love it to bits would love to wear it for eid and again to campus, its got my name written all over it : D 😀 it theres one thing I want and need its this its gorgeous mashallah

  26. Shanaaz Abrahams says:

    The moment I saw the pic of the Abaya I fell in love!! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!! It is classy and elegant which would be the perfect look for Eid. My height is 1.6 m.

  27. Zahra says:

    Living in a small town means evry1 is gng to want to know where I got my abaya from and I’ll be too x to leave details out coz I nvr won a competition before!! and def by the nxt the occasion url c evry1 in it! Plus they’ll be on urls case 4 the nxt competition lol! Soo free advertising 4 you and this blog & I get this amazing abaya that will mke mke feel feminine again(just found out I’m pregnant and nauseas the whole day!) size 54 length

  28. achir86 says:

    I would simply love to own these. I am new to Islam but I can tell you that I am loving my new life as a Muslimah. I unfortunately do not have any Islamic clothing as I feel a little overwhelmed with where to start and can be a little shy. My height is 5ft 6. Thank you. xoxo

  29. fathima says:

    ألسلام عليكم ورحمةالله و بركاته
    Shew, I got 2 teenage daughters.. Wanna show them I also got style!! Size 56 in lenght جزاك الله خيرا

  30. safiyyamk says:

    Salaams, I am a size 60, 1.8cm tall, I would lovevto win this gorgeous abaya, since I am so tall its quite difficult to find an abaya that fits, and I cant always custom make them. Also i decided to be in abaya full time after Hajj last yr, but unfortunately didnt buy alot of abayas as they were very short for me. It will be a gift to myself if the abayas fits..

  31. zaheera says:

    Slms, I’m a size 54
    Lol, I’m in grade:12- I need an up in my life right now! I’m also in full time hijab, alhmd..
    A quick message 2 all 2 plz remember me and all others writing exams in urlz duas.
    جزاك الله خيرا ({})

  32. laeeka says:

    Salaam, I will get straight to the point. Abayas are expensive. Though beautiful, I have only had 3 in my 12years of being a revert and all of them I received secondhand from my inlaws. I am a stay at home mum of 3 and hardly have time to go out and buy myself decent Islamic wear so I am most of the time wearing skinny jeans and shirts. I would love to be the lucky lady to receive this prize and for once not feel like an outsider standing next to other muslim women in their beautiful Islamic wear. 🙂 shukran for this opportunity.
    [my height is 1.5m and I am a size medium]

  33. Iman says:

    Slms. I’m a 15 year old Muslim girl at a school predominated by non Muslims. Despite this diverse & confusing community ,my ethos has always been one of maintaining my identity as a Muslim first & foremost. This has made my school journey more difficult than the average giggling teenager but it has strengthened my beliefs.
    My firm affirmation has encouraged many of my non Muslim friends to learn more about Islam & to respect me. Such that many make small attempts eg not to eat in front of me during Ramadaan whilst others go even further & attempt to fast with me in solidarity.
    I am a steadfast ,proud 15 year old Muslim teenager ,@ 1.69cm tall ( & growing), in an ever changing community.
    I will wear my abaya proudly.

  34. zeenath says:

    Salaamz,I would really love to win this for my mum for Eid,it is so stunning!!!my mum is a size 54 and 1.5 meters tall,I cannot afford to buy it for my mum so winning this would make my mum so haapy as this will the Eid with a new abaya after many many years.

  35. Sarah says:

    Assalaamualaikum 🙂 . my cousin reverted to islam one month ago , and i was the first person she told , made my heart glow with absolute happiness but at the same time tremble because she has been through so much in her life an subhanallah Almighty has made her road easier by bringing her to our beautiful deen, . iv been teaching her as much as i can an showing her the many beautiful ways a muslimah can express her creativity by wearing her hijaab. i know that buy entering an maybe winning this competition she may see that we not all about wearing black n being boring because of what the world may portray us as . i for one stand up for my sisters of islam, we have so much to show the world and id like her to see this and tell people.
    siddiqa is a size 56 an is 1.6.
    shukran Sarah:)

  36. Salena S says:

    Assalamu Alaikum! Thank you so much for putting up this giveaway, you are so kind! I hope you are having a great Ramadan and I absolutely love your website & how passionate you are about your culture! I have never owned a hijab myself considering I just reverted a few months ago and the prices have held me back a few times. It would be really amazing if I could wear one for Eid or for my birthday coming up! I am 5’5 and not sure of my exact measurements, thanks again for this giveaway! Allah ysalmik 🙂

  37. atiyya says:

    So I would just like to be honest here,no soppy stories . This abaya n scarf is just simply stunning and I would love to be the proud owner of one to show off this beautiful designs for eid 🙂 height is 1.57

  38. safina khan says:

    I love this abaya 😍😍😍 I am 5ft. And carry a few extra pounds. 😉 iv always been big and as a result been the subject of confidence issues. I always wanted to wear hijab but held off because i thought i would look ‘ugly’ or ‘uglier’ but then, I went to do hajj in 2012 and with will of Allah started wearing g hijab. 😊 i still have days where I look at myself in the mirror and think bad thoughts but 95% of the time I am happy and content with my choice now. Allhumdo lillah. My figure was still an issue for me but j rent lying system wearing abayas and I love the flow and the flattering designs and it has really helped me to be happy in myself… that’s why I would like to win this abaya because not only is it stunning, i just can’t gave enough! 😁 x

  39. safiyyah.M says:

    Slms 🙂 pick me pick me! Id love to win cos I always feel im not lucky enough 😦 cos I dont ever win. But this time its different iv chosen to wear hijab full time and the pin free scarf will definately help me in my transition. Jazakallah for the lovely blog. Love & Duas S:)

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