Dove’s Intensive Repair Deep Repair Treatment Mask Review

Fixing dry and damaged hair, without a visit to the hairdresser, isn’t an easy task. I’ve tried a variety of products containing different ‘miracle ingredients’ in the hopes that it will improve the look of my split ends, just to avoid having to chop of any of my locks. I was almost ready to give up, and was about to give in to some hair-snipping, when I received a little package containing the Deep Repair Treatment Mask from Dove’s Damage Therapy range.


Hair care, just like skincare, is a very iffy topic for me. I have always been averse to trying out any new product that required me to apply it to my roots – I just couldn’t take the chance of causing any irritation to my already so sensitive scalp. That’s basically why you never, ever see posts relating to hair care on GITGH. But somehow, and by some miracle, I decided to give this mask a try.

What is the Dove Deep Repair Treatment Mask formulated to do?
Well, as the name suggests, it’s aimed at repairing hair from deep within the fibres. It has both a micro-serum and fibre-actives, which work together to restore, repair and protect hair to ensure that your hair is strong on the inside whilst healthy-looking and shining on the outside.


And does it work?
Surprisingly, yes. Even if you have a really sensitive scalp, like I do, you will definitely enjoy using this hair mask.
I’ve already used it about 3 times and I’ve seen much improvement in my hair. My split ends are about 50% gone, I have experienced no irritation whatsoever and my hair does look much healthier and shinier than it did before.

The only thing I didn’t like about the mask, was its packaging. I’m not a fan of using products that are packaged in a jar, especially in the shower – mainly because it’s such a schlep to open and then you’ve got to make sure that no water gets into the product. I would have preferred it in a shampoo-type squeezy bottle, but I guess due to the product type and contents it had to be in a jar. Still not a fan, though.

Other than the packaging issue, I really did like this product. The mask itself is very creamy and its consistency is much like a lotion – maybe because it’s really moisturizing just like a body lotion? It’s also easy to apply to the roots and easy to wash off – which is always wonderful.
The fragrance of the mask is quite pleasant and fresh, nothing overpowering and thee best part is, that it remains in your hair even after drying it with a hair-dryer – here’s to clean and sweet, smelling hair!

The mask retails for R52.99 and is definitely worth a try. It’s honestly the first product that has agreed to my scalp in years, I kid you not!

Have a happy, healthy hair day!

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