Time, could I have more of you?

I’ve been MIA. I’ve broken my promise to upload a new blog post every Friday, I hardly ever update twitter/IG/FB and I haven’t even announced the winner for my latest giveaway – I just cannot seem to find the time.

Right now, I wish that I never chose to do my Postgrad. It has honestly been my most daunting, challenging and stressful year yet. I have no time whatsoever, I hardly ever leave the house and my social life is non-existent. I’m basically one of those people who wake up every morning and think about the sections that I have to study for the day – Yip, I’m definitely the lamest lame’o.

My study timetable is filled to the max. I just manage to fit in time for the necessities. And I consider myself extremely lucky if I get to watch a bit of TV for the day. It really isn’t a great time in my life. And on top of studying, I have an insane amount of products that I’ve received for review and feature purposes, all of which I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to get through before the beginning of my exams. Things are just crazy. Ridiculous crazy.

If it were up to me, I’d actually just be a full-time blogger (with a degree and a postgrad in Bcom Acc), chilling at home, doing reviews and planning and shooting OOTD posts. That is the life I would choose, if I could. But for now, I’ve just got to focus on exams, after which I get to enjoy the full-time blogging lifestyle before setting off into another year of what will seem like a repeat of 2014’s stress and drama – uhh.

So, I’m asking you guys to just bear with me. It’s only another 5’ish weeks of me being a hermit, after which I will return to be a very diligent and constantly-updating-social-media type of blogger. And I’ve got a ton, perhaps more than a ton, of great ideas for my darling GITGH once I’m back. Each time I take a study break, I think of a new idea for the blog. So lots of studying=lots of breaks =lots of ideas. Now I wish I were studying math😔

Hopefully, I shall post again very, very soon. But no promises! Keep me in your duas (prayers) you guys, I defo need it.

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