Have you checked your makeup products for Carmine?

We are always so particular about eating Halaal food. We ensure that the products we buy are certified Halaal and that it doesn’t contain gelatin or ingredients derived from animals. That’s a good thing and I never ever want us to stop doing this. But if we do it for food, why don’t we do it for makeup?

Makeup is formulated using an array of different ingredients, so it could contain a certain something that isn’t permissible for us to use. Ingredients such as Carmine.

A few weeks ago, I made a trip to my local Clicks, to pick up a few of Essence’s eye pencils. I’m obsessed with eye pencils, so when I got to Clicks, I picked a bunch of them in a variety of colours and hurried on home.

It was only when I got home and was creating swatches of all my pretty new eye pencils, I noticed that one of the pencils had a little sticker on its cap stating that it contained Carmine. “Carmine?”, I asked myself. What’s that?

I’ve never ever come across this ingredient before, so naturally I googled. And I was absolutely horrified at the results.

Carmine is made from cochineal. And cochineal is made from the dried bodies of female insects (yes, I said insects! So eww, I know.) that are native to Mexico. And Carmine is the vivid crimson pigment that can be found in a lot of makeup products. So now can you see why it’s Haraam?

Now just because it’s a crimson pigment, doesn’t mean it will only be found in products that are red/reddish. From the eyeliners that I purchased, it was the blue and purple eyeliner that contained Carmine. So just make sure you check every single product you purchase, to ensure that it doesn’t contain Carmine.

I think with Essence products, they make it a point to alert you that the product contains Carmine. However, I’ve heard that certain MAC, Bobbi Brown, Loreal and NARS products contain Carmine – I don’t use products from these brands, so I don’t know if this is true, so just check out the ingredients list before making your purchase!

* A lot of Urban Decay Cosmetics as well as Naked Palettes may contain Carmine as stated on Urban Decay’s and Sephora’s website. So please read through the ingredients list before purchasing. Also, Carmine maybe stated in the ingredients list as Carmine/ CI 75470/cochineal.*

I hope this helped 🙂 And if you already knew about Carmine, please do pass it on to your fellow sisters!


P.S Muslimah Weekly is a new category I am adding to GITGH, each week (or 2 weeks, depending on exams etc) I will be covering a different topic that I think will be of interest to you lovelies! I hope you enjoy it and learn from it too 🙂

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