Your guide to building the perfect modest wardrobe – Part 1

Building the perfect modest wardrobe is easy. It’s all about those key pieces that are both trendy and modest at the same time. Over the next few weeks, I will be showing you guys how to create the perfect wardrobe that encapsulates both style and modesty.


1. Maxi Skirts
This is an obvious one. Maxi skirts are like the skinny jeans of modest fashion. You can wear them with chiffon shirts, blazers, tanks, cardis, kimonos and basically any other piece of clothing that you can think of. They are super simple to dress up or down and are perfect for shopping, beaching, picknicking and if paired with a fancy top, it can even be worn to a wedding. So you definitely want to invest in these.

I would suggest starting off with maxi skirts in solid black, floral/animal print, navy blue, black&white stripes, coral and mint. These shades/prints are versatile and can be worn during all 4 seasons.


2. Shirts
Whether it’s chiffon or denim, shirts are the perfect item for your modest wardrobe. They are usually loose fitting around the arms and bust area which makes it a perfect fit for the modest girl.
Obvi, if it’s chiffon/sheer you may need to wear something under the shirt to cover up. A 3/4 or long sleeved tee is preferred over a camisole, as it will cover your arms, back and even your bra straps. Your shirts can be worn buttoned with a maxi skirt or unbuttoned with a pair of jeans and a tee or over a dress.

With regards to shirts, your wardrobe should include at least the following:
• a white chiffon shirt
• a black chiffon shirt
• a floral/printed shirt
• a denim shirt


3. Kimonos
Kimonos are so trendy (and modest) right now so if you don’t already have one, I suggest investing in one. These are particularly great over a longer length top and a pair of boyfriend jeans. Kimonos are light weight, very airy and perfect for a hot Summer’s day and they are also great for covering up your arms and bum!
There are a variety of colors and prints available in the kimono style, so you will defo find the perfect one for you.


4. Scarves
Whether you are rocking a turban style hijab or you aren’t in hijab at all, scarves will be a great addition to your wardrobe as they are fab for covering up both your neck and chest area. You can invest in thicker, warmer scarves for winter and the lighter, printed, cotton ones for the warmer months. The amount of scarves that make up your wardrobe is up to you, but I say the more the merrier 😀




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