Your guide to building the perfect modest wardrobe – Part 2

About a week or 2 ago, I compiled the first part of the guide to building the perfect modest wardrobe, I discussed a few of the key pieces and items that are needed to keep you trendy and modest and in this post I’ll be adding to that list! So let’s cut the chit-chat and get right into it..


Slouchy, longer length tops/tees
These have quickly become one of my favorites pieces of clothing. I recently purchased a slouchy, cream longer length top from Mr Price and I want to wear it everyday! It’s insanely comfortable, loose-fitting and looks oh-so-chic.

You can pair them with your fav pair of skinny’s or boyfriend jeans or wear them loosely tucked into your maxi skirt. They really are so versatile and worth the buy. I would suggest purchasing every colour and print that you can get your hands on, I swear you will never ever regret it!


The Shirt Dress
Having at least one of these in your closet is essential. It can easily be dressed up or down, by simply swopping out your jewellery, shoes and handbag and look best when worn with skinny/straight-legged pants or with leggings (only if the length of the shirt dress is approx. mid-calf or longer). If you are out in the working world, shirt dresses are a great substitute for normal formal shirts.


This one is a no-brainer. Blazers are cool, they instantly add an aura of elegance and class and look great on errbody. You can pair a blazer with a maxi skirt, over a maxi dress or with a pair of jeans/pants – it’s works well with everything. I suggest trying on a few different types of blazers – waterfall, tuxedo, military – in order to determine which style best suits your body frame and shape. At minimum, you should own a printed blazer as well as a blazer in black + another colour.


Joggers are a modest girl’s best friend as they provide full coverage with a loose fit. Shirts, tees and slouchy tops look uhmazing with a pair of joggers provided that they are worn correctly. You can also swop out your sneakers for a pair of pointed courts if you are going for the Sports Luxe look.

And remember, all joggers aren’t made equal, so ensure that you love your jogger while it’s on the hanger and on your body. Owning 2/3 pairs of joggers should be enough – seeing as it is a trend, you don’t want to invest too much money into it!




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