Baking soda wasn’t just made for baking

Bicarbonate of Soda, Baking Soda, Bicarb or whatever else you choose to call it, is an amazing product that has so many uses. Of course, we all know that if you add it to some vinegar, it induces a volcanic eruption for your kid’s science project but what else can this product be used for? In this post I will be discussing the unconventional ways to use the affordable and readily available, Baking Soda.


Blowing up and popping balloons
Perhaps this one is another one that your child can use for his science project or show-and-tell. All you’ve got to do is add a 1/4 cup of vinegar to a reusable water bottle and a few teaspoons of Bicarb to the inside of a deflated balloon. Then carefully cover the opening of the water bottle with the opening of the balloon and allow the balloon’s bicarb to fall into the vinegar. This will cause some carbon gas to be emitted which will inflate the balloon and then cause it to pop – so stand back!

Exfoliating skin and reducing blackheads
Due to the granulated texture of baking soda, it is great for exfoliating the skin and even helps to reduce blackheads. Make a paste of bicarb + water and exfoliate your face, neck and don’t forget your nose! Do this just once a week, as excessive use of the paste may result in dry and peeling skin.

Cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and walls
How much do you spend on detergents and cleaners that are sometimes ineffective and so not environmentally friendly? Well, using bicarb to clean your your home can save you tons of money and time and save the environment too!

For oven doors and stove tops:
Sprinkle bicarb on to the surface and then spray/pour an equivalent amount of vinegar on to it. Once the fizzing stops, most of the grime and dirt will be lifted, now just wipe away.

For oil splatter/makeup/crayons on walls
Add bicarb to a polish/wash cloth, next add vinegar. Once the paste begins to fizz, immediately start washing down your walls. At most, it will take 3 tries to get your walls completely clean.

For cleaning tubs and sinks
Sprinkle bicarb all over your dry tub/sink. Next, using a spray bottle, spray vinegar on to the bicarb covered tub/sink. After each spray, once the fizzing begins, scrub the tub/sink with a scrubbing brush.
If you have lots of vinegar and bicarb, you could fill your sink with lots of bicarb and then add the vinegar. Once the fizzing stops, wash away and say hello to a clean sink!

Unclogging blocked drains
Fill up the clogged sink with vinegar, ensuring that the vinegar is struggling to get down the clogged drain. Next add a ton of bicarb. The fizzing will begin and the vinegar&bicarb solution will turn a mucky colour and then voila! The solution makes it way down your drain which is now effortlessly unclogged.

Teeth brushing
If you run out of toothpaste, you can always add a bietjie of bicarb to your damp toothbrush. And just like toothpaste, brush away! The bicarb will kill bacteria, whiten teeth and freshen your breath but can also strip the enamel of your teeth – so don’t use it as a permanent substitute for toothpaste. Also, remember not to swallow! The bicarb can make your throat itchy and weird.

Costume jewellery cleaning
A little bit of bicarb on a damp, unused toothbrush works wonders on scrubbing off and renewing dull and tarnished costume jewellery. Just scrub the tarnished item with your bicarb’d toothbrush and wipe down with a kitchen towel. You jewellery will sparkle and look as good as new.

Deodorizing smelly shoes
Before you go to bed, sprinkle some bicarb into your shoes and when you wake up in the morning simply tap out the excess bicarb. During the night, the bicarb would have absorbed all of that odour, leaving your shoes smelling great!

Deodorizing fridges and freezers
If your fridge/freezer smells totally unappetizing and fishy, it’s time to bring out the bicarb. Find one of those miniature dip saucers, you know, the ones that you can put 2 condiments in and looks like a yin-yang sign? Anyway, once you find it, add bicarb to the yin and vanilla essence to the yang. Place this in your fridge/freezer and in no-time you’ll have an amazing smelling fridge. The bicarb will absorb the odor whilst the vanilla essence will provide a sweet, new scent!

Soaking feet
Swirl in about a cup of bicarb to an appropriately sized container filled with lukewarm water, soak your feet in this solution for about 15-30minutes and then enjoy your soft and smooth feet. You can also exfoliate your hands and feet with the bicarb!

I’m sure you are now eager to try out bicarb in all of the uses that I mentioned above? I bet you didn’t think such a cheap product would be so useful right? Well at least you know better now 😀



One thought on “Baking soda wasn’t just made for baking

  1. The Bohemian Nomads says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for the substitute to harsh oven cleaner which I struggle with due to my asthma 🙂

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