LUX is all about that sensuous summer feeling

What do you look for in a body wash? Do you want it to be exfoliating or softening? Or perhaps you want one that is fragrant or maybe refreshing? Well, whatever it is, LUX has got you covered this Summer.

Untitled (Recovered)

There are 8 different fragranced body washes to choose from, so you will defo find one that you fancy. The fragrant mint and chilling cucumber scents of the Shake Me Up body wash along with the refreshing Mineral Salts and Seaweed of the Wake Me Up body wash are right up my alley. I love the invigorating and revitalizing feeling after showering, so I can only imagine how much more amplified those feelings will be after showering with such refreshing body washes – eek, cant wait to try them out!

If you are aiming for softer and smoother skin, then you may want to try out the Soft Caress, Velvet Touch or Soft Touch body washes. And those of you who terribly enjoy the lingering scent after a hot shower then the Scarlet Blossom and Sheer Twilight washes are must-haves.

And of course, like all LUX products, you can expect to find all of the above beauts at an affordable price. Starting at just R18.99 for a 200ml dose of luxury & moisture, even the beauty that’s on a budget can afford these babies!

Here’s to that Sensuous Summer,


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