{Oh My} GOSH Freebies

I love GOSH cosmetics! I’m not sure whether I first discovered them in-store or on an episode of TLC’S Ultimate Shopper but nonetheless I’m glad that I did. Their products are frikken crazy good.

If this is the first time that you are hearing/reading about GOSH Cosmetics, let me fill you in. GOSH is a Danish brand that covers everything from makeup, skincare and even hair care and fragrances. Their products aren’t as expensive as MAC or Smashbox but they also aren’t as cheap as Essence or Catrice Cosmetics. So if you are willing to shell out between R60 and R150 per product then GOSH is definitely for you.

So over the weekend, I popped into Edgars Pavillion and decided to head on over to the GOSH counter/half-aisle. I picked up a few GOSH goodies (review coming soon!) and lucky for me, my purchase total was greater than R399 so I qualified for the GWP (aka gift with purchase).
The GWP included a GOSH-branded, nifty black knapsack /backpack, a lip lacquer, an eyeshadow chubby, a mascara and a little sachet sample of a GOSH day cream. Here’s a preview:


The bag is quite cool and I most probably will be using it to the beach/cycling this summer – it looks quite chic when paired with a denim shirt or a pair of joggers. The Good Morning cream isn’t something that I will try on my skin I have sensitive/acne-prone skin so I’m not willing to risk it, but the other 3 full-sized products are definitely worth reviewing on my blog. Leggo!


Forever Eye Shadow in Grey
This particular eye shadow is in the form of a chubby and has a creamy consistency. I love that it effortlessly glides on to the eyes and the colour payoff is phenomenal. It is very glittery so you may want to save it for a night out instead of a day at the park. I enjoyed the look that this eye shadow achieved, however it wasn’t easy to blend in to the skin, whenever I would try to a ton of the product would end up smudged on my finger and removed from my eyelid. Other than that, it’s a great product and I’m glad that it was included in the GWP.november 015



Boombastic XXL Volume Mascara
When it comes to mascara, I definitely have my favourites. I adore Smashbox’s Full Exposure Mascara and Revlon’s Bold Lacquer Mascara – they are both easy to apply and offer longer, fuller and clump-free lashes. I never had any high hopes for this mascara, especially after noting that the applicator was of the spikey, silicone comb variant and not a brush. But, I guess I was wrong to judge a tube of mascara by its applicator. After just one coat my lashes were left looking much fuller and a tad longer and there was hardly any clump action going on. And even though the mascara dries quite quickly, it doesn’t make my lashes feel hard and crusty – which is splendid! I really do wonder if GOSH knows that they are giving away such awesomeness in their GWP??november 014



Lip Lacquer in Hot Lips
Aah, I saved the best for last. The lip lacquer, just like the mascara, was another product that I thought I would hate. I’m not really a lipgloss girl – I prefer lipsticks, balms and crèmes – and I thought that this particular one would be one of those bright, sticky, highly glossy lip products but once again I was wrong. The lip lacquer is rather glossy when it’s first applied but once blended in with your fingers, it is absorbed into the lips and transforms into some sort of balm/lipstick. The colour isn’t so reddish corally when one coat is applied to my lips, it’s more of a natural and subtle pinkish red (which you can see in the image below). The staying power on this lip lacquer isn’t that great, so you may need to reapply after every hour or two.

What I do love is that it is extremely moisturising and perfect for those of you with chapped or dry lips. It even soothed and totally vanquished a reaction that I had to a lip balm, which darkened my lips and even peeled my skin off –yup, it was painful and if you look close enough, you probably can see the little bit of damage that’s still left behind. The best part of the lip lacquer for me, is its scent – it smells like watermelon bubblegum and you literally will not be able to stop yourself from continuously sniffing it – it is so addictive! BTW, I apply one coat before I go to bed and I wake up with perfectly soft and pink lips!november 016

GOSH’s GWP offer ends this Sunday and is exclusive to Edgars, so you may want to get down there. Honestly, this is one of thee best freebie combos that I’ve ever come across, the full-sized products are frikken amazing and the bag is actually usable. I might just do some more shopping with GOSH, just to get another of the GWP – yeah I’m in love!


Here’s to the freebies that make you go OhMyGosh,


P.S I hope you don’t mind the awkwardness of my lip/eye shots!

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