Kaleidoscopic {OOTD}

I recently went away for a few nights, with my family, just to chill out and relax. And since I hadn’t compiled an OOTD post in ages, I thought that I’d use my time away, to go outside and snap up some pics for the post.

This is one of my very chilled looks – no jewellery, light makeup and a loosely tied hijab – and I kind off like it. I was planning on unbuttoning the dress and wearing a pair of jeans and a tee under the dress but I decided not to.

I eventually opted for a cool sun hat and an opaque,super comfy and lightweight pair of leggings from Legwear Safari which I wear under all my maxi dresses and skirts – it really feels like you aren’t wearing anything! And I finished off my look with a wrinkled scarf and mellow yellow scalloped flats!







Dress: The Lookbook (previously Mirror Mirror)
Hat: Fashion Express
Leggings: Legwear Safari
Flats: Rage
Scarf: Dazzle


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