DIY: Travel-Friendly Sewing Kit

Was there ever a time when you were out shopping or at a restaurant and your button/trimming popped out? Or maybe something snagged on your favourite tee and created a noticeable hole? Well, if you are prone to wardrobe malfunctions whilst away from home, this travel-friendly sewing kit is thee DIY for you!


What you will need:
A tin of your choice
6 reels of cotton in the colours that you usually wear
A needle
A pair of manicure scissors
Variety of buttons
A set of press-studs
A few safety pins
A mini ziplock bag
A piece of cardboard (a business card will do)


Start by placing the buttons, press-studs and needle into the mini ziplock bag, this way they won’t move around or get lost.


Next, along the length of the cardboard, cut out 6 squares on either end. Make sure that the 1st square on the right matches up with the 1st square on the left and the 2nd square on the right with the 2nd square on the left and so on…IMG_9081.JPG

Once your squares are done, wrap about 2m of thread around the first matching pair of squares and tuck the loose end under the thread. Do this for all 6 colours.

Finally, place your ziplock bag, thread card, safety pins and scissors into your tin and voilà! You’ve just created a very handy travel-friendly sewing kit that you can pop into your handbag or your suitcase to take with you whilst on holiday!



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