Gumtree is making relocating within SA that much simpler {Sponsored}

After finishing university, I had (and still have) a lot to think about – whether I want to further my studies or start working? And most importantly, if I’m willing to relocate, if I find an awesome job that isn’t in Durban.

When thinking about relocating, there are tons of factors to consider. But I think the most important thing to consider and research, is the area in which you plan to live in, in the new city.
This area needs to be close to your workplace, close to shopping malls and convenience stores as well as be safe and within your budget.

Unfortunately, it is kind of nonsensical to make the move to the new city first and then decide on the area you’d like to live in – I mean, what will you do in the mean time? Live in a hotel that charges exorbitant fees for daily rental until you decide? Or bunk with a friend who doesn’t really have room for you but was forced to agree to this temporary living situation for the sake of your friendship? I’m pretty sure that’s not the way that you’d like to begin your adventure in the new city..

The good news is that now you can use the nifty new property tool from Gumtree. This tool, which you can find here, allows you to select a region, city and area that you’re interested in living in and it will calculate the average purchase price and rentals that you can expect to pay if you moved to that area. It’s quite cool actually.IMG_1499-0

I’ve been playing around with it and thought I’d check out how much it would cost to move to the Waterfront in Cape Town and the results were exactly what I was expecting – so the tool really does do what it was designed to do!IMG_1494IMG_1498-0

If you are thinking about making that huge move this year, I suggest selecting a few areas that are the most convenient and closest to your new workplace and then using the Gumtree property tool to determine which of these are inline with your budget. And then all that’s left to do, is find a place to move in to and then make your big move to the new city and live (hopefully) happily ever after!

Or if you’re one of those who dream of moving to a new city or if you’re just curious to know how much a house/rental in another region would cost, you can just go ahead and play around with the Gumtree property toolpssst, I’ll admit, sometimes I do this too, just for fun!



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