Tokyo {OOTD}

Black and white is one of my fav colour combos. I love that I can pair it with any other solid colour and it will just work perfectly.

For this look, I paired a straight, banded maxi skirt with what looks like a tee but is actually a crop top. The crop top is a size 42 (I kid you not) which is what allows it to look like a tee on me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying an item in a size that’s much, much bigger than your own – as long as you style it in such a way that it looks like it was made for you.
jan 379

For my shoes, I opted for my trusty black Converse Chuck Taylor’s. I love pairing sneakers with maxi skirts/dresses, I think it’s really fun and unexpected and adds an element of sporty chic to your look.

My scarf is a wonderful shade of oxblood and is definitely one of the softest scarves I own. It drapes perfectly as you can see and sits quite well on my little noggin. I just pinned it under my chin, and created the midfold by bringing forward and pinning down some of the fabric and then I criss-crossed the scarf and threw it over my shoulders.
The extra volume in my scarf is all thanks to the volumizing scrunchie from Damasq (you can read more about it here). To me, I feel that the back of my head looks a little too big, but I think it’s to due to extra fabric of the scarf that hasn’t been pinned down – you know, maxi scarves!

And finally, I decided to skip all accessories for this OOTD, mostly because I’m just lazy and partially because I didn’t think it needed anything more!

jan 438

jan 343

jan 417

jan 378
jan 393

jan 383

Skirt: Truworths
Top: Identity
Leggings: Edgars
Sneakers: Converse
Scarf: Spree
Volumizer Scrunchie: Damasq

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