I’m taking ‘note’ with the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 #MissionSamsung

For the past week, I have had the pleasure of being the temporary owner of an amazing Phablet (phone+tablet), the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 – and to be honest, it pains me to think about giving it back.IMG_2246

I’ve always believed that frikken’ fab technology is the way forward but I never got to experience anything as mind-blowing as the Note 4. Those of you who know me, will know that I’ve promised myself to a certain brand for the past couple of years – I’ve literally sworn off any other brands including Samsung but this phablet has drastically changed things for me.

Perhaps when you go on to the Samsung website and read about the ‘normal’ features that the Note 4 offers you, you may think ‘Eh, it’s average. Ain’t nothing that special about it.’, but when you actually hold it, in your hands, only then will you know of everything that it offers you.

I could tell you that it has an awesome 16MP rear camera, the screen quality is ridiculously amazing and that the huge screen is great for stalking on Instagram too – but how much does that impress you? Yeah, I knew it, that doesn’t impress you at all. But the GALAXY Note 4 is so much more than a great screen and a phenomenal camera.

It has a very handy stylus – or an advanced S Pen as dubbed by Samsung – that makes scrolling, selecting and writing a breeze. It isn’t too skinny or too chubby to use and it fits perfectly into the back of the Note 4, ensuring that it’s always there when you need it.
I particularly love using the S Pen with the S Note app, I think it’s just so brilliant. To be honest if I owned a Note 4, I wouldn’t need a notebook again. It’s so simple and easy, just to pull this device out, slide the S Pen out of the Note 4 and in between your fingers and begin writing – well digitally writing. I can’t even imagine how much simpler my university life would’ve been – no books for lecture notes, just one little device!IMG_2527-0

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is another feature that made me fall in love with this fab Phablet! And even if the battery life wasn’t as good, the charging speed is lightening fast. It takes just 31minutes to reach 50% of battery life, whilst most devices need about an hour! I always forget to charge my phone, I remember charging my phone at campus every morning because I forgot to do so the night before. But with the Note 4, you can wake up, plug it in to charge, shower, get ready and eat and it probably would’ve reached about 70% of battery life by then – it truly does simplify your life.

And if you’re a selfie/ussie/groupie person then you will absolutely adore the selfie and wide-selfie mode available on the front camera of the Samsung GALAXY Note 4. It has a no-shake effect so no more blurry pics and to snap a selfie all you’ve got to do is lightly tap the screen or the back sensor – no more struggling to press the camera button!
The wide-selfie feature is quite cool too, I have an awesome wide-selfie planned so hopefully I’ll get that done and share it with you guys later today! It can probably fit about 7/8 people into the groupie/ussie without a hitch – so there isn’t really a need for a selfie stick!

The Samsung GALAXY Note 4 also has a pedometer (instrument that records the number of steps taken) and a heart rate monitor which obvi measures your heart rate. It also has a UV sensor which I think is the most genius idea ever, so now you will always know just how strong the sun’s rays are and the likelihood of a suntan/sunburn.IMG_2534


The rear camera is 16MP, as mentioned before, and produces some rad images. I snapped just a few using the rear camera, just so that you can get a feel for the image quality of the Note 4:IMG_250920150210_15253920150210_153821IMG_2511


In a nutshell, if you’re a technogeek or just a regular Joe that’s looking to make your life simpler, the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 is for you! So easy and fun to use, here’s hoping I get to keep one!



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