A little piece of heaven named Teremok + 2 Teremok Spa giveaways

Towards the end of last year, I was invited to Teremok Spa in Umhlanga, Durban for a little pamper session on them – and last week, I finally found the time to visit their heavenly spa!IMG_4474

If you’ve never heard of Teremok Spa before, then you’re probably keen to learn a little more about them. Well, Teremok Spa (located at the tranquil Teremok Marine Lodge) is the brainchild of Debbie, Tracy and Kim Davidson. In June 2010, the Davidson trio transformed Teremok into an urban apothecary for clients to destress and relax – basically, they made it into the Teremok that we know (and love) today! You can expect to find two individually themed treatment rooms (Aqua and Orchid), a Koi pond, a relaxation room and even a retail space featuring Missibaba handbags and clothing from designers such as Michelle Ludek and Leigh Schubert amongst many others. This little hideaway offers you relaxation, tranquility and the opportunity shop – what more could one possibly ask  for?! IMG_4476 IMG_4381 IMG_4379

On opening the spa door, I was expecting to walk into a spa that had more of a clinical feel, you know, with white walls, modern furniture and minimal decor – so I was so surprised (and secretly elated) to find what I did. Everything was so beautifully decorated, from the breathtakingly gorgeous Persian rug, to the low-hanging rustic lanterns and don’t even get me started on those printed chairs – I.could.die! I just fell in love with everything! Sometimes it can be quite refreshing to move away from that ‘all-white clinical’ feel to something that’s a bit more rustic with an old-world charm. IMG_4374

Before my treatment, I lounged for a bit in the waiting room (as seen above) before moving into the relaxation room to enjoy an ice-cold glass of lemon/cucumber water whilst filling out the questionnaire/consultation form which will aid my therapist in customizing my treatment to my skin’s needs. IMG_4378-0 IMG_4380-0

My therapist, Gugu, was super friendly and spent a good few minutes just chatting to me about my skin concerns and even agreed to snap a mandatory selfie with me. I then headed off to the changing room to get kitted out for my treatments – and oh my god, how cute is the Teremok-branded cleanser and moisturizer?! IMG_4373 IMG_4182-0

Hanging crystals, a larger than life dreamcatcher and an exquisite white-out ‘shoal of fish’ wall art is what you can expect from the Aqua-themed treatment room at Teremok. Oh and the bed is heated too – yeah, it’s that awesome. Once, I was comfy, it was time to begin my treatments which included a Juliette Armand AHA Therapy Facial and a Mio Omega Massage. IMG_4377. IMG_4376

The Massage
The Mio Omega Massage (R500) was initially created for pregnant women, however it can be customized to a non-pregnant you through the use of different massaging techniques – which was done for me. I basically had a full-body massage with the focus being on my back and shoulders due to the amount of tension in these areas.
After the massage I definitely felt much more relaxed and stress-free and my body felt looser too. There’s just something about massages that can really transform the way in which your body feels. Also, the pressure applied during the massage was perfect which I think contributed to the amazing feeling I experienced after the massage.
Another aspect that I loved, was the heated mitts and booties, that were used after the massage and during the facial, to enhance the effect of the products used on my hands and feet.
Overall, it was a wonderful massage (I really thought a full body massage will be awkies but it wasn’t) and I will definitely have it again the next time I book at Teremok.

The Facial
Before the facial, I was rather concerned as to how my skin would react to Juliette Armand products. As you know, I have very, very sensitive skin and I’ve only ever been for Dermalogica facials so I wasn’t too sure how it all will go down. Gugu explained to me that JA products work really well with sensitive and acne prone skin and that even though I most likely will breakout after the facial, it will be due to the elimination of the impurities and not because my skin is reacting badly to the products – so I should basically stop stressing out.
The AHA Therapy facial is geared towards firming, hydrating, exfoliating and brightening the skin through the use of various JA products such as the 6% AHA Fluid, the 20% AHA Peel, the Hydra Latex Mask and the DNA Repair Serum & Cream amongst others.

All of the products felt really amazing on my skin, none of them burnt my skin or resulted in an itchy sensation. The Hydra Latex mask was my fav due to its rubber texture – Gugu applied it straight from the bottle whilst wet onto my skin and after a few minutes, it transformed into latex/rubber and was removed from my skin in one go – no rinsing or washing, it just peeled off and was so fascinating!
After the facial, my skin felt so clean, hydrated and light as if I had no products on my skin whatsoever – and it looked even better! When I got home, everyone commented on how much brighter my skin was and on the glow that accompanied the brighter skin. I honestly have never ever received such phenomenal results from a facial before – and I’ve been for tons of Dermalogica facials in the past.
The next day, I did breakout around my cheek area, however, it did clear up after a few days. As you can tell from all that was said above, I really did enjoy this facial! I’m very excited about Juliette Armand products and might end up using them permanently in the future – especially the latex mask and the CC cream.
For my next facial, I’m kind off at war with myself because I want to know what the other facials are like but I also want to have this one again – decisions, decisions!


The Giveaways

So, I know this is the reason why most of you are reading this post – and if you just skipped ahead to this section, then shame on you!

There are 2 giveaways up for grabs:
One being the Juliette Armand Giveaway and the other a  Mio Giveaway.
Here’s what you can win and details on how to enter for Twitter and Facebook:

On Twitter

Juliette Armand You can win:

  • A Juliette Armand Basic Therapy Facial worth R380 and
  • Your choice of a Juliette Armand product to the value of R500

To enter:

  • Follow @Teremokspa, @Juliette_Armand and @veiledbeautyza on Twitter and
  • Using the #Teremoklove, tweet @teremokspa @veiledbeautyza and @Juliette_Armand and tell us why you want to be pampered.

Example: “@teremokspa @veiledbeautyza @juliette_armand I want to be pampered because I need a break from life #TeremokLove”

Mio Skincare You can win:

  • A Mio Omega massage worth R500 and
  • A bottle of Mio’s Liquid Yoga valued at R580.

To enter:

  • Follow @Teremokspa, @MamaMioSA and @veiledbeautyza on Twitter and
  • Using the #Teremoklove, tweet @teremokspa @veiledbeautyza and  @MamaMioSA and tell us why you want to be pampered.

Example: “@teremokspa @veiledbeautyza @MamaMioSA I want to be pampered because I need a break from life #TeremokLove”

On Facebook:

  • Like the Veiled Beauty and Teremok Spa Facebook Page
  • Comment on the post named ‘Giveaway’ located at the top of Veiled Beauty’s page and state which giveaway you want to enter as per the instructions in that post
  • Share the ‘Giveaway’ post.
    Competition is open to all SA residents provided that you will be in Durban within the year to complete your treatment (subject to appointment availability as per Teremok spa).
    You can enter both giveaways.
    You can enter on Facebook or on Twitter, you don’t have to enter on both channels – however, if you’d like to increase your chances of winning you may enter on both.
    Winner will be chosen at random.
    Competition closes on the 14th of April!

    And just in case you are wondering, you can find Teremok Spa at 49 Marine Drive, Umhlanga Rocks and you can visit their website here, you can also find them on Facebook and on Instagram!IMG_9118

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