Catrice Ultimate Colour and Ultimate Lip Glow Review

I have never pegged myself as a lipstick kinda girl as I’ve only ever worn balms or lip chubbies – and also never owned a tube of lippie until recently.

A few weeks ago, I found myself browsing through Kalahari’s website and somehow convinced myself to purchase not one, but two lipsticks. The first being Catrice’s Ultimate Lip Colour in Matte About Pink (250) and the other Catrice’s Ultimate Lip Glow.



Ultimate Colour in Matte About Pink
I love, love, love this colour! I relied solely on the pictures online to determine if this shade will suit me or not. And luckily for me, that gamble paid off.


The lipstick is quite pigmented but is build-able. One slick + blending will result in a light pink/coral wash on the lips whilst a few slicks will create an intense colour which seems to be more coral than pink.


The staying power is great and will most probably last between 4-5 hours before the need to reapply arises.
However, even though it’s really creamy and long lasting, it does tend to settle within the lines of your lips which is a total no-no for me (but that’s what usually happens with Matte lipsticks).
You basically have to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before every fresh application and sometimes that can be quite frustrating, particularly for someone as lazy as me.

Overall, it’s perfect if you have naturally soft and smooth lips that don’t need exfoliating or if you’re willing to mix it with another product to eliminate the line-settling effects it has. You can purchase it here for R69.


Ultimate Lip Glow:
Colour-adjusting lip products are one of my favourites things.
I remember a few years ago when I was on a really tight budget I was obsessed with the mood lipstick from Dischem – until, I realised that it’s low price is most probably attributable to the insane amount of nasty chemicals that’s contained in this product. Anyway, I stopped using that one and have now come across this lip glow from Catrice.

The lip glow adjusts to your lips and basically provides you with the best shade for your skin tone.
It’s extremely moisturizing, doesn’t settle within the lines of your lips and just like the Ultimate Colour it’s quite long lasting too.

I love that even after the glossy/moisturized feeling wears off, you’re still left with a perfect stain on your lips. The colour is also very much build-able, so the more you apply, the more intense the colour becomes.

It’s perfect for those of you on the run who appreciate having just one product that moisturizes the lips whilst providing a really complimentary shade to your lips.

Unfortunately, I seem to be allergic to one of the ingredients in this product (it probably contains the same thing that lipglosses contain as I’m allergic to glosses too) as it tends to darken my top lip and really dry it out.
If you haven’t had an issue with glosses before then you’re good to use the Lip Glow – I just have really iffy and sensitive skin in general.

You can purchase the Lip Glow here for R89!

Overall Review:
Both lipsticks are beautifully packaged with the lip glow being my fav due it’s mirror like effect.
Neither lipstick melts or loses it’s shape even when exposed to extreme heat like that of Durban (yeah, I’ve forgotten both in the car on multiple occasions).
Both will probably last you about a year before having to replace them – a little goes a very long way!


One thought on “Catrice Ultimate Colour and Ultimate Lip Glow Review

  1. daisyperson blog says:

    I always check the lip glow out when I am in Dischem. But because I don’t know if it’ll make a big difference to my lips if I wear it I am weary to purchase it as it is not expensive, but also not cheap.


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