Catrice Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliner vs Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner

If there’s one thing I can’t leave home without, it’s eyeliner. And recently, I’ve convinced myself to be a tad more adventurous and trusting of brands so I decided to try out two new eyeliners from brands other than Smashbox and Stila.


I’ve been contemplating the structure of this post for a while – I wasn’t sure as to whether I should review each liner separately or to review both under the various categories that I usually use to rate various beauty products. I’ve finally decided to proceed with the latter. And I think this is the structure that I will adopt for future blogposts in which I review similar products.
The liners purchased were:
*Catrice’s Ultra Fine Waterproof Ink Eyeliner and
*Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Liner in Black.



Level of ease in terms of application
Both liners are fairly easy to apply. The Catrice liner is equipped with a brush applicator which makes application a breeze. Whilst the Revlon liner is fitted with a short, felt tip applicator which is perfect for maintaining a straight line.IMG_5203

Both liners are fab at achieving both a skinny or a chubby line across the lid and a winged liner is super easy to achieve with either product.
I find that the Catrice liner glides on more easily than the Revlon one – I think that’s due to the product formulation and the shape of the applicator.
Winner: Tie

Drying time
The Revlon liner takes about a minute to dry which makes it rather difficult to fill in any spaces or to darken the liner as everything just wipes off, if it hasn’t dried. The Catrice liner, on the other hand, dries in no time at all – so it presents none of the Revlon liner drying issues.
Winner: Catrice’s Ultra Fine Ink Liquid Liner

Eyeliner Finish
The Catrice liner dries glossy whereas the Revlon liner dries matte.
Winner: Depends on the finish you prefer, obvi I prefer the glossy finish!

Colour Payoff:
Both liners are black in the tube and when applied to your lids. However, the Revlon liner dries charcoal rather than black which is rather disappointing. The Catrice liner maintains it’s black hue after drying and throughout the day.
Winner: Catrice’s Ultra Fine Ink Liquid Liner
Check out the swatches below (Swatch 1: Catrice; Swatch 2: Revlon):

Staying Power
I find that both liners have impeccable staying power. Neither runs off during the course of the day which is surprising as the Revlon one isn’t even waterproof but still lasts as long as the a Catrice liner.
Winner: Tie

Level of ease in regard to removal:
The Revlon liner wins hand down in this category. It’s removed effortlessly from the lids with the help of a cotton pad soaked in some makeup remover. I love that it doesn’t ‘crack’ and ‘shed’ little black bits like the Catrice liner does – those bits are so annoying to get out of your eyes and off your cheeks.
Winner: Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Liner

Price & Affordability:
The Catrice eyeliner is obviously cheaper than the Revlon Colorstay liquid liner. Catrice’s one retails for R59 whilst the Revlon one for R155.
The definition of affordable depends solely on the constraints (or lack therof) of your budget. But both are definitely more affordable than Mac, Smashbox and Stila.
Winner: Catrice’s Ultra Fine Ink Liquid Liner

For me, the overall winner has got to be Catrice’s Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliner – it’s budget-friendly, lasts all day, dries black and glossy too. You can purchase the Catrice liner here and the Revlon liner here.


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