Location, location, location!

For me, online shopping is all about the simplicity, the ease and the overall no effort that it takes to shop online. Gumtree is one of those sites, that allows you this ease with the added benefit of competitive prices and sometimes, the opportunity to purchase unique and special items. If you remember, last week I introduced you to shopping via Gumtree’s mobile app (and even shared a little secret about a nifty little makeup caddy) and this week it’s all about the ‘Location’ feature that Gumtree has recently introduced.


The new ‘Locations’ feature which you can find here enables you to basically filter your ad search for sellers in your area.
For example, if you live in KZN and would like to purchase something large and significant, such as a vintage chair or a shoe cupboard, it will be best if you purchase from someone in KZN too. In that way, you can go ahead and meet the seller, determine if he/she is genuine and if the sale is legit. You can also inspect the goods and determine if they are to your liking, before handing over any cash munaaay.

If you click on to the link that I provided above, it will take you directly to the Locations page which lists all 9  of SA’s provinces and by simply clicking on any of the provinces, you can view every single ad listed by a seller in that province – quite cool, hey?

The Locations feature basically simplifies shopping on Gumtree whilst simultaneously making it safer too. Remember to checkout my previous posts on Gumtree, which will most likely appear below in the ‘Related Posts’ box, but if not, click on the Lifestyle tab at the top of this page and I’m sure you will find those posts somewhere there!

Happy shopping and always keep in mind that if something is too good to be true, it is more often than not, not true!





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