Event: Bellefit’s Ladies Wellness High Tea

Even though I’ve been swamped with work lately, I decided to take some time out and RSVP ‘YES’ to the Ladies Wellness High Tea event that was hosted by Bellefit Ladies Gym & Beauty Spa in Overport, this past Saturday.


When I received the invite, I wasn’t too sure on what a Wellness High Tea would entail, but being the curious soul that I am I was willing to give it a try, – and this event, by far, was one of my most memorable events.

Before I begin rambling on about the event, I thought it would be most appropriate to introduce you guys to Bellefit Ladies Gym and Beauty Spa which hosted this high tea.


Bellefit is a new gym & spa which is located above the new Spar, in Overport. It is fairly central and is a perfect fit for those of you who are in Hijab or in Purdah as it is a ladies-only gym.
The gym offers a wide range of facilities and services including but not limited to a yoga, dance and aerobics studio, Crossfit group training, free body assessments and free nutrition & training programs.
Monthly gym membership fees vary between R229 and R309 per month depending on when you sign up and your membership also entitles you to deals on selected treatments from the Bellefit Beauty Spa.
If you’re not a member of the gym, you can still visit the spa to purchase Regima, Bio Sculpture, Lilian Terry and other skincare products and for treatments such as, facials, skin peels, manis/pedis, massages, waxing and threading etc.
if you’d like to find out more about Bellefit and their services you can email them on info@bellefit.co.za, visit their website here or contact them via their Facebook page.. Now on to the event..

The structure, setup and layout of this event was unlike any other High Tea that I’ve attended. It’s true that I was disappointed when I realized that the seating arrangements were rows of chairs and not table+chairs that you would find at a traditional, high tea but when the event began I realized why this was so.

We were joined by speakers and experts spanning the different categories in relation to overall wellness, including Yoga, Zumba, skincare and spiritual healing amongst others. A few of the speakers required us to partake in an exercise/activity to assist in relieving stress and pain from the body and I know, for sure, that these exercises will definitely come in handy when I feel like I’m in over my head with work – which is basically my current situation.

Karen, who informed us about the benefits and advantages of Zumba, was the first guest speaker and requested us to get our lazy bottoms off the chair and participate in a mini Zumba session (this is when the whole seating arrangement made sense). I, of course, was wearing heels and a straight skirt so I couldn’t really partake BUT I was really shocked and proud of the older women who had no qualms about what others may think of them and really got into it. It was a wonderful experience being in an environment in which everyone was so eager to experiment, learn and increase their knowledge on health and wellness.


We were also treated to a hair and makeup tutorial by Hair by Jo as well as giveaways from Mannequin, Miss Poetry, Zardozi, Zulu Lulu, Adornments by Aadilah and Lillian Terry – there were definitely more giveaways but the names of the other sponsors escapes me.


And of course, a high tea will not be complete without some fan-frikken-tastically delish food and boy, we were treated! The yummy goodies were catered by 2go, Spar, Chilli Chocolate Chefs, Scoop Me s’More, Nuovo by Naby and so many other talented chefs! I took the opportunity to indulge in mouth-watering macarons, piquant phyllo pastry cups, deliciously decorated cupcakes, yummy chocolated-covered churros and bruschetta that was fit for a king! There were tons of other delectable goodies buuuut I couldn’t really eat all of it now, but I’m sure they were just as tasty! Take a look at all of the wonderful food below:


On the whole, it was an awesome interactive session in which I had so much of fun and  gained a ton of knowledge and calories too (just kidding! Maybe :P)! And a heartfelt thank you goes out to Salma Kazi (who MC’d the event) and Bellefit for the invite, I had a wonderful time and really do look forward to the next event which I hope is even more interactive than this one, if that’s possible!



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