4 Budget-Friendly Tips for Aspiring Bloggers on Acquiring New Technology

Most bloggers you’d come across own a top of the range smartphone, DSLR camera, laptop, tablet and basically any other piece of technology that will help them function better as a blogger. At the end of the day, the online world is our head office and in order to ‘work’ we’ve got to have our ‘tools’.

If you’re an aspiring blogger who is most likely a student on a budget and your ‘rents aren’t really in a position to provide you with the latest technology, you have nothing to worry about.  I have provided you with a few tips and tricks that will enable you to meet all of your technological needs whilst staying within your budget.

Tip #1: Selling your unwanted electronics and other goods

Before I go any further, if you weren’t the one who paid for the goods, you shouldn’t be the one selling it and/or receiving the proceeds. With that said, most of you have heard of Gumtree, a site that allows you to post ‘for sale’ ads for free, right? So Gumtree is basically your best friend when it comes to selling your unwanted goods to earn extra cash.

Make a list of the types of goods along with the relevant price, brand and model and log on to Gumtree and create your free ‘for sale’ ad.

They’ve also recently launched a Mobile Price Checker feature that allows you to check the going-rate for a specific brand and model of a cell phone that you may want to get rid of – maybe that Blackberry or IPhone 3 that’s in your drawer and that you no longer use? The price checker feature will guide you in the right direction when it comes to setting the price for your unwanted cell phones.


Tip #2: You don’t need a camera and a smartphone and a laptop and a tablet, two of the four will suffice!

Once you’ve earned your extra cash from selling your unwanted goods, it’s time to decide where to invest your money. Remember, you don’t need every type of technology to start a blogging – you just need the basics.

I would suggest investing in at least two of the four listed above to get you started. The most formidable combination, in my opinion, is a smartphone and a laptop. Why? Because a smartphone allows you to be active on social media on the go, snap pics, type out relevant blog post notes and even upload your blog posts whilst your laptop will allow you to do all of the above (except snapping pics) on a bigger scale. If you’re looking to join WordPress when you begin blogging, a smartphone is rather restricting when it comes to customizing your theme and resizing photos, therefore a laptop is a definite must-have.

Once you’ve decided on the combination of electronics that you want to move forward with, now you’ve got to purchase them.


Tip #3: Buy pre-owned electronics

I know what you’re thinking, “Eww, I’d never buy pre-owned stuff!!” right? Well, if that’s what you thought then, like me, you probably don’t have much of an issue with your budget and as a result this tip is most likely not directed towards you – sorry dearies!

Now yes, back to the pre-owned goods which I’m sure you’re only interested in because you can’t afford it/don’t want to purchase brand new right? Once again, you should look to Gumtree. Whether you want to purchase a laptop, camera, smartphone or tablet, Gumtree has it all. Just make sure that all the electronics are in working order and are worth the price that you are paying for them before accepting delivery of the goods. Once more, you can use Gumtree’s new Mobile Price Checker feature to determine if the price stated is fair and in line with what the phone is worth now.

If you are interested in checking out the current ads posted, you can view the ‘electronics for sale’ ads here, the cell phone ads here and IPhones for sale here.


Tip #4: Making the most of your newly purchased electronics

This is probably the most important tip of them all. There is absolutely no point in purchasing new electronics if you ain’t going to get the most out of them. For your smartphone and tablet there are tons of photo-editing apps available that can help take your photos from average to professional with just a few filters and touch-ups. Your laptop’s “Paint” application is also great for creating a simple blog header, if you weren’t a fan of the fonts available on the photo-editing apps that you should’ve downloaded.


And that’s it! My 4 budget-friendly for aspiring bloggers on acquiring new technology, I hope you enjoyed it and learnt from it too!





*Post sponsored by Gumtree*

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