10 Must-Have Items for your Handbag

Considering the fact that I’ve been so busy lately, which is the reason I’ve been a total slacker when it comes to beauty reviews (I promise I’ll be reviewing some great goodies just before the end of May!), I thought it will be a great idea to compile a post on my handbag must-haves!


Besides the common HMH’s, such as mints, money and tissues, I’ve listed 10 other items that have got to be in your handbag at all times!

Avène’s Facial Spray
I’ve never loved a brand other than Smashbox before but somehow Avène has creeped into my heart and my skincare routine.
The facial spray is wonderful for reducing itchiness, sensitivity and redness and can also be used to treat extreme sun exposure, burns and insect bites.
I received this travel-sized bottle from Clicks when I purchased a few of the products, the promotion is still running so I’m sure you can score this bottle too. If you’re interested in their products, you can check out a review I did a while ago, here.

Hand lotion:
Okay, this maybe a common one too but there are tons of people out there that don’t carry hand lotion with them – I’m not sure why. And considering that winter is quickly approaching, a handy travel-sized hand lotion is a must-have for your handbag.
I love Vaseline’s Healthy Hand & Nail Conditioning Lotion because it’s easy to carry around, absorbs quickly and leaves your hands and nails moisturized and smelling great. I highly recommend getting yourself a tube of this lotion – it’s so affordable and it works wonders on the skin too!

Sewing kit:
Nothing is worst than having a button pop off or t-shirt tear whilst away from home – that’s why it’s so essential to keep a mini sewing kit in your handbag.
This particularly one is a potential DIY project (you can seen the tutorial here) or you can purchase your own from your nearest Clicks, Dischem or supermarket. You just want to ensure that you have the essentials such as thread, needles, buttons, safety pins and a set of press-studs.

Hijab pins:
Both the pearl-topped straight pins and the no-snag pins need to be with you at all times. I’m always misplacing my straight pins when retying my scarf, so it’s definitely worth having a reel of these packed away in my sewing kit tin.
The no-snag pin that I have on-hand, or in-tin rather, is just there as a safety measure in case I lose/break the one that I initially had on.

A compact mirror:
Those of you who wear a scarf/hijab or wear makeup will understand just how important a compact mirror is.
You never ever want to be in a situation where you’ve got to redo your hijab or your makeup and there exists no mirror in site and so then you’re basically forced to use your phones front camera, which most of the time makes you look 10 times worse then you really do. Yeah, so basically, carry a compact mirror with you whenever you go.

At all times, I have 2 new hairbands safely tucked away in my bag for obvious reasons. Hairbands are also great for sealing unfinished chips packets to prevent them from getting stale. Total yay for multipurpose items!

A pack of wet wipes:
Seriously, wet wipes are definitely one of mans best creations. I’m not a fan of hand sanitizers because of the mere fact that you’re just rubbing a product onto yours hands and not really rubbing anything off – anyway, I favour wet wipes.
You can use them to clean your hands before and after eating, wipe up spills and messes and also to aid in removing stains from clothes whilst on the go, which brings me to my next must-have..

A pack of stain-removing wipes:
I picked this pack up from Woolworths ages ago and it does an amazing job at removing stains.
I usually wipe up the stain with a wet wipe, then dab lightly with a stain-removing wipe and then follow up with a swipe of a wet wipe after a few minutes.
These particularly stain-removing wipes are formulated with washing powder which is why it makes it easy to remove stains. Just make sure you seal the packet properly or you’ll be left with dry tissues that smell like washing powder, so meh.

A lip balm with great colour payoff:
Eyeliner and either a lipstick or balm are two makeup products that form part of my daily makeup routine – can’t leave home without ’em!
Because lipstick tends to fade during the day unlike eyeliner which stays put, I always have a coloured lip balm available just in case my lips need some colour!
I’ve been a fan of the Maybelline BabyLips since they arrived in SA and the Cherry Me variant has got to be my fav. It moisturizes and provides an amazing stain and that’s all I could ever ask for.

A mini perfume/perfume sample:
Smelling good is just as important as looking good and being a good person too.
Whenever you receive those free perfume sample from a makeup counter, magazine or your beauty box subscription, tuck it away into your bag so that you’ll always smell good no matter the weather or circumstances!

And that’s it! My 10 must-have items for your handbag!


One thought on “10 Must-Have Items for your Handbag

  1. thatweirdoakvile says:

    Carrying a sewing (or at least some thread and a needle) is such a good idea because I’ve faced some unpleasant situations when I somehow rip up something unexpectedly.. Thanks for the tip!

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