Mango to launch Ramadan 2015 Collection

Just before Ramadan last year, DKNY launched their Ramadan collection and I called it last year when I said that many retailers will be following in their footsteps – and Mango just did.

Mango’s Ramadan 2015 Collection is said to include a variety of gowns, dungarees, palazzo pants and tops, all of which will be available from the 8th of June which is just in time for Ramadan.

But like always, the collection will only be available in Mango stores (and online stores) in the Arab countries so if you’ll be in the UAE during the next few weeks, you may want to head on over to a Mango store and check it out. Or you could purchase it online (if they ship to SA) and perhaps pay more than the cost of the outfit in shipping and handling fees?

So far, only images of the dresses/gowns from the collection are available online, all of which I am in love with! All you’ve got to do is add an inner and a scarf, and you’re good to go! It’s even a great idea to use these designs as inspiration for your Eid outfits too!







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