Update: Look forward to daily posts from Veiled Beauty

Hiiiii Guys,

I realize that I’ve been uber busy recently and haven’t really had the chance to update my blog regularly i.e. at least once a week, so I figured that it’s time for me to up my (blog) game and be a more frequent blogger.

With that said, from tomorrow onwards, you can look forward to a new post on Veiled Beauty every weekday at 6am! That way you can get your daily dose of either beauty reviews, OOTD inspo, fashion news or general tips, tricks and DIY instead of waiting 2 weeks for a new post.

Also, the frequent posts will allow me to review more beauty products for you guys and decrease the chances of any major backlogs (currently finding my way through the tons of products that I need to review for the blog!)

If there is any type of post or specific topic that you guys would like me to cover in a post, please drop me a mail at info@veiledbeauty.co.za and I will definitely take your requests into consideration when planning and writing up posts.

That’s it from me, for now. Remember to check back in at 6am tomorrow for a new post or alternatively subscribe to my blog, using the button on the right hand side of the blog (desktop) or at the bottom of the blog (mobile), and you’ll receive email notifications whenever a new post is uploaded!



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