My Top 3 Relaxation Techniques

I’ve decided that from this week onwards, Tuesdays will be reserved for posts that relate to beauty and lifestyle hacks, tips and tricks as well as ‘How to’ posts and DIY projects.

For this week, I thought it would be great to share with you guys my top 3 relaxation techniques that I use when I’m stressed out, overworked or just need a break from a crazy day.
Most of the techniques can be done whilst at work so there is no excuse not to get your relaxation on.

The 10-10-10 Technique:
This is the easiest and quickest technique of them all. All it requires is 30seconds of your time after which you will be relaxed and care-free.

Start off by sitting upright, closing your eyes and then breathing in for 10seconds i.e breathe in slowly whilst counting from 1-10.
When you reach the 10second mark, stop breathing in and hold your breath for 10seconds (again count from 1-10 whilst holding your breath).
When you reach the second 10 second mark, exhale for a duration of 10 seconds and then open your eyes.
At this stage, you will feel relaxed and calm, however, if this is not the case, you may repeat this exercise as many times as required.

The Relaxation App Technique
There are tons of free relaxation apps available for iOS and Android users that offer you soothing and relaxing sounds such as the sounds of the waves and beach, rain and even lullabies. There’s even white-noise available for those of you who need utter and complete silence in order to relax.
Just find the app with the sounds that work for you, plug in your earphones, crank up the volume and for 5-10 minutes every 3-6 hours daily (depending on how much time you have to spare) just relax and block out the rest of the world.

The Submission Technique
The power of prayer is one that cannot be matched.

Whenever I’m stressed out, I close my eyes and lift my hands to thank God for everything that I have and to make my day easier.
And if you are able to, pull out your holy book, whether it’s the Qu’raan or any other, and recite verses from it – it really is incredible how much prayer + faith + belief in your creator can aid in relaxing and calming you.
Following prayer/recitation with either the 10-10-10 technique (which is my fav combo) or with the Relaxation App Technique will ensure a stress-free, calm and happy day!

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