Eid Outfit Inspiration and Ideas {Part 2}

Considering that I enjoyed compiling yesterday’s post and I hope you enjoyed reading it too, I’ve decided to do a quick part 2 version.

In the previous post, I shared some inspiration for those of you with a similar Eid outfit style to me – smart but casual. In the this post, I’ll be focusing on inspiration and ideas for those of you who wear abayas/cloaks for Eid.

So I was scrolling through my IG followers/following to scope out any potential brands/designers/stores that may have some great items available for Eid and I’ve come across a few:
Black Vogue Abaya
Love Fashion KM
Turkishly Delightful
Zafira Couture


Here are a few of the designs that caught my eye:





I hope that both this post and the previous post has provided a source of inspiration for your Eid outfits? And hopefully this year, I’ll get a chance to snap up a few pics of my Eid outfit to share with you guys!


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