S’Winter in the Scrapyard {OOTD}

Brightly coloured flowers and monumental buildings are always great as backdrops, however sometimes we just need to steer away from that which is conventionally beautiful and stir things up a bit.

I decided to take advantage of this really cool scrapyard for this particular shoot, which features a very basic but uber colorful look. What drew me to this particular spot was that, through the lens, the background proves to be almost monochromatic which allows the outfit (and its bright colours) to really pop!!


Even though it’s Winter in other parts of South Africa, here in Durban our days are as warm as the days in Summer – unfortunately, the nights do get a tad nippy 😔.
So, I obvi took full advantage of a recent warm S’Winter (Summer + Winter = S’Winter, thanks Phineas and Ferb!) day and paired this really soft and flowy, mint/turquoise maxi skirt with a bright pink silk-like, loose-fitting top.


I purchased this top ages ago, wore it for a while and then totally forgot about it – trust me when I say that I’m so glad that I resuscitated it as it really does work so well with the skirt and the whole look in general.


The black long sleeved inner is actually a long sleeved crop top that I purchased online on a whim and I’m thrilled that I found a use for it. Crop tops work so well as inners especially when maxi skirts are concerned, as you don’t have too many layers to tuck into the skirt!


The scarf is just a plain black viscose scarf that is uber soft and so, so easy to drape. Here, I just pinned it and wrapped it around my neck and it stayed put all day long. I’ve suddenly taken a liking to styling my scarf this way and I guess that’s because it’s easy, effortless and allows my statement necklaces to peek through just enough.


I accessorized this look with this cool perspex, jeweled statement necklace that I thought would work great at accessorizing the look without taking away from it. I finished off the look with this super cute and whimsical crown ring – how adorable is it??!



Remember to always look for the beauty in everything – no matter how difficult the task may seem, it is definitely not impossible ❤️


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