5 steps to prevent breakouts in Ramadan

Since the beginning of Ramadan, my skin has taken a turn for the worse – I’ve had a few major breakouts around my cheek and forehead area along with some nasty, painful bumps on my chin and along my jawline.

This onset of ‘bad skin’ is so frustrating because I always want to look my best for Eid, but that’s kind off impossible when you have a mother-sized pimple hanging about on your cheek or chin.

So, I’ve devised a plan to help restore my skin to it’s normal self before Eid and even though this plan should have been implemented on the first day of Ramadan, it’s better late than never!


Step 1: Hydrate
Fasting results in dehydration of the body which results in dehydration of the skin, so you’ve got to amp up your water intake.
Here’s my drinking schedule which will ensure that I get at least 7 glasses of water into my system everyday:
– 1 glass before eating in the morning;
– 2 glasses after eating in the morning;
– 1 glass upon breaking my fast;
– 1 glass after leaving the Iftar/dinner table;
– 1 glass before praying Esha (evening prayer) and
– 1 glass before bed.

Step 2: Say ‘NO’ to samoosas
Okay, fiiiiiiine. You can have ONE samoosa, just one!
Oily, unhealthy foods can really do a number on your skin, so whether you’re saying ‘no’ to that chicken samoosa or to that spicy chilly bite, just remember when you wake up tomorrow morning and see no new breakouts, you’ll be thankful that you said ‘no’.

Step 3: Substitute shakes, juices and sodas for water
Strawberry milkshake made from Rose-syrup is an Iftar tradition but this year, I’ve promised to steer clear of it. Not only does it make me feel ‘full’ much quicker but it also contains a ton of sugar which is terrible for my skin. Therefore, milkshakes, sodas and fruit juice blends (i.e not fresh/pure fruit juice), due to their high sugar content and low nutritional values, should be substituted for water. You’ll thank me later 🙂

Step 4: Defriend that bowl of chocolate mousse!
Once again, desserts with a high sugar content is plain down bad for your skin. If you really want some dessert, make a fruit salad with berries (high in antioxidants), apricots (aid in digestion) and bananas (great source of potassium) and both your tummy and skin will be happy!

Step 5: Exercise more
Fastees always render themselves incapable of doing any type of exercise during Ramadan. It’s a given that from dawn till dusk, we’re running low on energy so we can’t do much – but between dusk and dawn there isn’t any excuse.
So once you’ve broken your fast and your food has digested, do a few squats, jog on the spot or just run around like a crazy person – as long as you get in 30minutes of exercise a day, the supply of oxygenated blood to your skin will increase tremendously along with your overall blood circulation which will help to balance those hormones and give your skin a healthy glow!

So that’s basically my plan to get my skin back on track – do you have any tried and tested methods or tips and tricks that can help prevent breakouts in Ramadan or just in general?


Image credit: oliviajenkins.com.au


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