Durban Fashion Fair 2015 Roundup + Backstage Photos

If you’re active on social media or just generally aware of what’s going in the world, particularly SA (like you should be!), then you’re bound to have heard of Durban Fashion Fair that was held last week.

Besides the pop-up stores, DFF hosted various fashion shows featuring designs from local and international designers including Jamal Taslaq from Rome, Thula Sindi and Life by Andre Martin, to name a few, that took place this past Wednesday through Saturday – and the guys over at MAC cosmetics were cool enough to invite me for all of the shows, so I really did get to experience it for myself.

eos 045

I attended on both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and had such an amazing time! To be totally honest though, I really did enjoy DFF more on Friday than on Saturday. And I guess that’s because the designs showcased and the atmosphere at DFF on Friday were a tad more exciting than on Saturday – but hey, don’t get me wrong, Saturday was no disappointment.

On Friday I attended the following shows:
-DFF Next Generation Mentorship Programme
-Colleen Eitzen/KMK
-Zarth/Dax Martin
-Jamal Taslaq

All of the shows that I attended on Friday were great (except for one particular one, which was really disappointing and came across as being totally unprofessional, but let’s leave it at that), however the one that really stood out for me was the Jamal Taslaq show.

Almost every single one of his designs were breathtakingly beautiful. Every aspect of each of his designs from the fabric to the silhouette to the intricate details were beautifully executed and was so pleasing to the eye. Honestly, sitting on that seat amongst the crowd, watching the stream of models float down the runway in his designs, I really didn’t want it to end. It was truly phenomenal and I’m so glad that I attended his show. (Image Credits: @sdrphoto, @afashionfriendrsa and @dbnfashionfair).


I also was afforded the opportunity to go backstage and check out what happens behind the scenes and wow! I was in a crazy makeup/fashion heaven!

There were tables filled with an insurmountable amount of MAC makeup products, makeup artists working fervently to get their models ready, Loreal hairstylists working their magic on the models tresses and of course racks of clothing and bags ready to be showcased on the runway. But it was all, somehow, insanely calming. And I loved it!

eos 054
eos 053
eos 055
eos 058
eos 059
eos 064

In comparison to Friday, Saturday was quite a short day. I only attended the Zah Designs/Clemas/House of Alfalfa show, of which Clemas was my favorite.
Clemas showcased menswear of which most of the designs felt a lot like a mix between African and Indian cultural wear and I absolutely loved it! In addition to the cultural mash-up designs mentioned above, Clemas also featured some superbly tailored suits, with gorgeous crossover waistcoats, on the runway.

Overall, it was such a great experience! Even though DFF may not be at the same level as MBFW, I think they’ve come a very long way since their first fashion fair. I’m already looking forward to DFF 2016!

Oh yeah! The pop-up stores at DFF2015 had some really cool locally made items that were available to purchase. And a super-duper thank you to Farnaaz for being my human prop for the evening and a great partner-in-crime for Friday

eos 003
eos 004
eos 005
eos 014
eos 017
eos 028

All images used are my own unless stated otherwise.


3 thoughts on “Durban Fashion Fair 2015 Roundup + Backstage Photos

  1. Ceece's Travel says:

    Hey Love.

    This sounds like an amazing event and like you had a ball.

    I wish I had been there 😦

    Lovely images, especially the behind the scenes ones 🙂

    Great to see some awesome menswear fashion. I am a huge fan of the waist coat!


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