Rain Africa Event 2015

I cannot believe that it’s been so long since I’ve updated Veiled Beauty. I had so many posts already written up, including a review on some POND’S, Tressemè and Nature’s Carnival goodies, and had snapped all the relevant photos for VB too – unfortunately, my dearest camera, with the above mentioned photos, and my laptop, with all of the posts, was stolen and I basically lost everything.

I’ve been so bummed about it that I couldn’t bring myself to blog or take photos for any new blog posts, solely because I have to use this crappy iPhone camera after I’ve gotten so used to my DSLR 😔.
Anyway, I’m trying to move past it now and hopefully will be more regular here on VB. Also, I do apologize if my blog photos, from this post onwards, are kind off sucky, but it really is the thief’s fault. On to the event..

On Saturday, I attended Rain Africa’s 2nd Blogger event here in Durban. The event was held at the Centre For Rehabilitation Of Wildlife (or better known as CROW) in Yellow Wood Park. If you’re not sure who or what CROW is, then let me explain.


CROW is responsible for rescuing and rehabilitating injured wild animals and then subsequently releasing them back into the wild, so that they may live life as God intended for them. CROW is not a zoo nor a sanctuary, and they believe that the best cage is an empty cage – and honestly, I’m not sure why every human being on the planet doesn’t feel the same way.

CROW was founded in 1980 and deals mostly with animals that have been harmed/injured due to conflict with humans and domestic animals, poaching and illegal pet trade – yes, keeping wild animals as pets is illegal and morally incorrect – just in case you needed me to clear that up for you.

At the start of our day at CROW, we got to see and learn all about the wild animals that CROW rescued and is rehabilitating, including Egyptian Geese, baboons and antelope.
It was such an educational and eye-opening experience! Here’s a look at some of their patients, past and present, courtesy of their Facebook page:


After we completed our mini tour of CROW, we headed back to the Education Centre where we got to learn a little bit more about Rain Africa and then we got really hands-on when we created our own exfoliating scrubs.


We were provided with all of the ‘ingredients’ to formulate our own scrub, and we were only supposed to incorporate one base oil, one essential oil and one scrub active into our scrub.
Of course, none of us knew what we were doing and ended up just adding almost everything to our scrubs!


For my scrub, I added all 3 scrub actives (ginger, lavender and green tea), the avocado base oil and the basil, lime and mint essential oil which is specifically for dry skin. I finished off my scrub with a few drops of vanilla for a sweet scent.
I tried out my scrub at home and surprisingly, it turned out quite well! I will definitely be making my own homemade scrubs in the near future!


After our MIY scrub sesh, we enjoyed a scrumptious strictly vegetarian lunch (which was highly appreciated considering that I almost never eat at events #halaalproblems), of which I enjoyed a yummy hummus, chickpea and roasted veg wrap.

For dessert, we were treated to a mouth-watering chocolate mousse/brownie dessert which was cutely packaged in a miniature watering can!


Whilst devouring our dessert, we watched a few videos and learnt all about the methods in which Rain Africa obtains all of the natural and organic ingredients that form the base of their wonderful products. We even learnt about the indigenous Kukumakranka plant/fruit that is used in some of Rain’s products!

We finished off our day with an introduction to Rain’s new range of perfumes which are to diiiieee for!
There a 3 very different perfumes that make up the range and these are Leaf (very citrusy), Twig (earthy, middle eastern scent – smells very much like itr) and Nectar (very sweet).

The perfumes were presented by these gorgeous girls who were dressed in garments that represented each of the perfumes. Juani from Rain HQ was there too and gave us the lowdown on all of the perfumes!


My favorite from all the 3 perfumes is definitely Leaf! I’m not sure if you guys remember but I raved about the scent of Rain’s Savannah Body Butter some time last year (see it here) and Leaf smells just like the Savannah range (which coincidentally smells just like DKNY Women and I mean just like it)! I’ll definitely be heading on over to the Rain store in Gateway soon to purchase my very own bottle of Leaf.


We also got a sneak peak of Rain’s Christmas range that will launch in November some time. You can expect some really gorgeous goodies including a pair of luxurious slippers that I have my heart set on, along with a variety of Christmas-themed gift hampers and boxes.


We finished off the day with a little game of ‘Guess the Bird’ which OBVI I didn’t win -ha! And walked away with a nifty goodie bag from Rain which I will be reviewing soon.

Overall, it was a wonderful day spent with awesome people whilst learning about CROW and Rain. And oh yeah, a huge thank you goes out to Yusuf and Ryan from Rain Gateway for putting together such a superb event, everything was so perfect – like I honestly can’t find even a single fault. I’m really looking forward to next year’s event!!


2 thoughts on “Rain Africa Event 2015

  1. Ceece's Travel says:


    Awesome post! Loved this, what an awesome event!

    Sorry to hear about having your stuff stolen, know exactly how you feel, had the same happen to me almost this time last year and I am still recovering 😦

    Love the leaf as well, so awesome!


    • Raeesa says:

      Thank you dear ❤️ And defo, an awesome event indeed!

      Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry that it happened to you too! But we shall get through it, no doubt about that.

      And yes, yes! Leaf all the waaay ☺️☺️

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