My new go-to treatment for reducing dark marks, acne scars and combatting breakouts

Pigmentation, acne scars and dark marks haunt almost everyone one of us. We find them unsightly and a self-esteem killer, so we feel forced into wearing makeup to cover them up because most of the products that claim to lighten marks either don’t work or contain harmful chemicals, like hydroquinone, which is a big no-no!

For a while I used the Lavender and Myrrh Facial Healing Oil from The Victorian Garden and even though it did help to lighten marks, minimal results could only be seen after 3-6 months of daily use.
I finally decided to try out the Milk Peel from Dermaceutic as I had heard tons about it from others, on how it lightened their marks and just gave them great skin overall.


Before I go on to tell you anything else, let me explain what the Milk Peel is.
I know just the thought of a chemical peel gives some people the heebie-jeebies and that’s simply because there is a huge misconception about it. So let’s clear that up.

Even though it’s called a peel, it won’t peel your skin off. It may cause a little bit of dryness or redness but that’s as far as it goes. Everyone I know of that’s been for a peel, including myself, have never experienced any peeling of the skin whatsoever – so chill out.

Secondly, even though it does contain chemicals, it’s only chemicals
that are suitable to be used in skincare products – we’re talking about AHA’s and BHA’s – so you have nothing to worry about.

So all in all, a milk peel is super safe and won’t harm your skin in anyway. With that being said though, you have to apply and reapply sunblock to the skin after the peel as the skin might be sensitive to the skin. Also, milk peels have to be administered by a doctor due to the high concentration of the ingredients used – so please only get it done by a doctor that you know of or that has been recommended by someone you trust.

Naturally, I got mines done at Dr Ridhwana Vawda at Crescent Towers in Overport this past Tuesday and I have only good things to say about the peel.

After reading up on the peel, before going in for my treatment, I basically concluded that the peel’s main focus is to exfoliate the upper layer of the skin which will in turn reduce dark marks, the size of your pores, fine lines and wrinkles as well as refine the texture of your skin.

So, considering that I went for the mask peel previously, my pore size had already shrunk significantly (yay mask peel!) so it really was just the dark marks that I was concerned about, and of course the active breakouts, which I was curious to see what the milk peel will do for them.

I kept a skin diary for the first 6 days after the peel, which will make it easy for you guys to read up on exactly how my skin reacted to the peel.

During the peel:
Considering that I’ve been using Dermaceutic products (which along with the milk peel and healthy eating habits are helping to improve my skin) for a while now, my skin took quite well to the peel.
I didn’t experience any tingling or stinging on the skin which was such a relief!

Immediately after:
-Brighter skin,
-No blackheads as far as I could see,
-Very red around breakouts.

Day 2:
-Skin still bright,
-2 new breakouts around my cheek area,
-Slight redness around breakouts,
-One dry spot on chin.

Day 3:
– Redness around breakouts is still visible but not as red as day 2,
-No dry patches,
-No new breakouts,
-Skin still bright

Day 4:
-Redness around breakouts is now subsiding,
-Breakouts that were present on day of the peel and the 2 new breakouts that arrived on day 2 are now decreasing in size.
-No peeling or dry patches experienced.

Day 5:
-Skin looks much better now as the redness is now completely gone,
-Breakouts continue to decrease in size and no new ones have appeared

Day 6:
-All previous breakouts have dried out completely,
-new breakouts around the forehead area (but this isn’t related to the peel as I happened to use a new shampoo the night before which affected my skin).

Overall, after almost a week after the peel, I noticed that:
-my skin is much softer and smoother than the day of the peel,
-my pores are almost invisible now,
-my skin looks brighter and seems as if some marks have lightened in colour and
– my skin is more even toned that pre-peel.

From my skin diary you can also tell that the milk peel, together with the Dermaceutic products and healthy diet, has helped tremendously with my breakouts. And although the milk peel may have caused new breakouts (due to the glycolic acid that brings up any impurities that are lying within the skin waiting to erupt), it dried them up too and didn’t cause any new ones after day 2.

Dr Vawda informed me that in order to see amazing results from the peel I’ll have to do a course of at least 4 milk peels, with the 2nd one 2weeks after the 1st one and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th peels, 4 weeks apart. Which I will definitely be going through with because I’m loving the results – and my family members have even noted the difference the milk peel made to my skin.

At the end of the 4th peel, I will definitely update you guys again. I’m hoping by then all the marks have magically vanished and that my skin is in really good shape.
And besides if 1 peel achieved all of the above mentioned, I’m pretty sure 4 peels will do the trick!

I highly recommended the milk peel to anyone looking to:
-get smoother and softer skin,
-decrease pore size,
-reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
-even skin tone,
-get brighter skin and
if your skin is anything like mine (in terms of it’s weirdness and selectivity when it comes to products), you can even try it out to combat breakouts – I mean it worked for me.

If you’re in Durban, head on over to Dr Vawda at Crescent Towers in Overport to have your milk peel done.
It costs around R600 to have a milk peel done, but honestly it’s the best R600 I’ve spent on a treatment – it’s better than any facial, I’ve ever had done – the results are just truly amazing.

If you guys do try it out or have tried it out in the past, do let me know what you thought of it via email. I would love to hear from you guys!

Also, in my previous post (find it here), I mentioned that the mask peel didn’t combat breakouts after the first peel, however, as with the milk peel, you need to go for a few mask peels in order to see a difference in your skin.
Dr Vawda also recommended that one should either try a topical/oral antibiotic to deal with current breakouts and prevent future ones, along with the mask peel, for the best results!

So if you have MAJOR breakouts, you may want to try out a course of 4 mask peels, before opting for the milk peel – that way you’d get rid of all the breakouts and can focus on getting rid of marks with the help of the milk peel.
But ultimately it’s up to you and what you feel is best for your skin (after taking into account your Dr’s advice, obvi).
I’m just a HUGE fan of the Dermaceutic Milk Peel, as it achieved so much after just 1 peel, so I think I’ll stick to it.


3 thoughts on “My new go-to treatment for reducing dark marks, acne scars and combatting breakouts

  1. Lameez says:

    Hi Raeesa, thanks so much for this post! Very informative; I love reading your posts!
    I’m having similar skin problems so am definitely going to try out this milk peel.
    Is there anyone else as highly recommended as Dr Vawda in Durban that I can visit in Cape Town you may know/heard of please?


    • Raeesa says:

      Hi Lameez!

      Thank you for taking time to comment and the sweet words💕

      I’m sure you will see great results from the peel, just make sure you exercise and eat healthy too!

      In the past, I remember coming across a review from a blogger who had hers done at Chelsea Spa in CT and had a good experience – so perhaps check them out?

      Or you can just hit Dermaceutic up on twitter @DermaceuticSA and they will be happy to help out! Just tell them that you saw my post on the peel and looking for a reputable doctor in CT to do yours for you 🙂

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