Tried and Tested: Best affordable lip balm for dry, chapped lips

A while ago, I told you guys all about the Blistex Simplex and Sensitive Lip Balm which really did wonders for my dry, chapped lips – it even reversed the darkness on my lips caused by a lipgloss that I tried out. Anyway, even though I really loved it, I felt that paying +/- R50 for 5ml balm that only lasts me about 2 months wasn’t really worth it. So I set out to find its dupe . And lo and behold, I did.


Say hello to the Bee Natural Lip Balm. A 100% petroleum free lip balm formulated with beeswax, honey and propolis which all work together to replenish, restore and protect your lips. It also contains carrot seed oil which is a natural sunscreen providing sun protection for your lips.

After 15minutes of applying this balm for the first time, the results were already noticeable. My lips were soft and smooth and all signs of dryness were gone.

Unlike other lip balms, that absorb into your lips and force you to reapply after every 20 minutes, the Bee Natural balm is much more moisturizing and only requires you to reapply after about 2-3 hours, if not after 4 hours!

It’s has a very faint natural scent which isn’t really noticeable unless you bring the tube up to your nose to sniff it out.

The only downfall, which isn’t a major deal breaker for me, is the fact that the print on the tube rubs off quite easily.
Beside that, it’s perfect. And what makes it even more amazing is that it costs only R14.50. Yup, just R14.50.

So, if you’re looking for a great lip balm that will cure your dry, chapped lips and protect your lips from the sun whilst still being affordable – the Bee Natural Lip Balm is the way to go.

I purchased mine from Faithful To Nature but you can also get it from Dischem or from the Bee Natural website.


2 thoughts on “Tried and Tested: Best affordable lip balm for dry, chapped lips

  1. Ceece's Travel says:

    Hi Love

    Thank you so much for this tip! I have been dying coming out of winter and also wearing make up more often, my poor lips hate me.

    So pleased to find a lip balm that is not going to break my bank.
    I will def try and get hold of some this weekend, if I can get to a dischem. I am loving the fact that Dischem is becoming everyone’s “Go To Make Up Store” Lol…..

    Which Dischem did you pick this up at? Don’t wanna run around if I can avoid it, although I assume the Pavilion once should stock it right?

    Excited to see more posts from you, always love spending time on your Blog.
    There is some new stuff on my site too if you wanna poke around, but please make sure to bring you SMS with you …….roflol


    • Raeesa says:

      Helloo Dearest!

      I’m so so so glad that this post came in handy for you! I always prefer products formulated from natural/organic ingredients so I really do love this balm even more so 🙂
      And it will do wonders for your lips, trust me!

      And I totally agree with you on Dischem becoming a go-to makeup store. I guess the products that they stock are just so affordable and do such a great job, thay we just find ourselves drawn into the store!

      I’ve seen it at the Dischem in the Atrium/Overport City and in Westwood. I never really looked for it at Pav BUT I’m sure they stock it. It will be in the checkout aisle with all the other balms 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find it 😊

      And thank you so much for stopping by to read my posts 😊 Will definitely catch up with your posts tonight, will need a break from studying, and one thing is for sure, I’ll be sure to bring my SMS with me 😉 haha


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