DIY: 4 Easy-Peasy Home & Beauty DIY’s that will save you money 

I’m a huge fan of beauty hacks and DIY’s, so I thought I’d share 4 of my favourites with you guys!

DIY 1: Custom Highlighter
If you’re a fan of strobing aka highlighting, then this DIY will definitely come in handy!


Great highlighters can be so expensive as prices range between R200 and R700 – well, all you need for this DIY is a shimmery eyeshadow that blends well with your skin tone ( Essence has some really great ones), some aluminum foil, a spoon, a little tub and a hammer-like object.
Lay a piece of aluminum foil on a flat surface and then, using your spoon, scrape off the eyeshadow from the pan into the foil. Once all of your eyeshadow is now loose in the foil, fold the foil over twice and using the hammer-like object crush the eyeshadow to create a fine powder.

Now, all that’s left to do, is to transfer your highlighting powder into your tub/shaker, and then pat yourself on the back for creating your very own highlighter!

DIY 2: Dry Shampoo

Yup, you can make your very own dry shampoo at home!


All you need is:
– 2 tablespoons of Cornstarch;
– 2 tablespoons of Rice Flour;
– 2 teaspoons of Cocoa Powder (optional for those with dark hair) and
– 10 to 12 drops of Lavender Oil (or your favourite fragrance oil).
Mix all of the dry ingredients together and then add your fragrance oil and stir to combine. Transfer your powder mixture into a glitter shaker or even a salt/popcorn flavoring shaker, so all you’ve got to do is shake it directly onto your roots when you’re in need of some degreasing!

DIY 3: Exfoliating Lip Scrub 

This is one of the simplest DIY’s ever. All you need to do is mix together some brown sugar, olive/coconut oil and a smidgen of vanilla essence. And voila! You’ve just created your very own deliciously smelling exfoliating lip scrub!


Take a little into the palm of your hand and using your index finger apply some to your lips and scrub away for about a minute and a half – dry skin will be sloughed away instantly and you’ll be left with gorgeous, plump and soft lips. Do this every 2 weeks, for optimal results!

DIY 4: Clothing and Linen Spray
I’m so not a fan of clothing and linen that smell like washing powder – it’s just rather unpleasant. I prefer to have them smelling phenomenal, regardless of whether they’ve just been plucked of the washing line or have been sitting at the back of wardrobe for the last couple of weeks.


A C/L spray is a great way to get your favorite items to smell like your favorite essential oil – mines will definitely be Lavender!

All you’ve got to do is mix together a few drops of witch hazel and 18 drops of your fav essential oil, pour this into a fancy’ish glass spray bottle, top it off with water and you’re good to go!
Use it at home to keep all fabrics (including the fabric on your couch) smelling wonderful or even take it with you on vacay, just in case the place you’re staying at needs a little scent-sationalizing! But remember, always do a patch-test first, to ensure that the spray won’t stain the fabric that you plan on using it on!

And that’s it! 4 simple DIY’s that are perfect for those girlies on a budget!


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