The Ultimate Gift Guide For Her

It’s that time of the year, in which everyone is in the gift-giving mood. Whether it’s buying a gift to thank your bestie for being amazing or getting a gift for your kids teacher or even purchasing a little something for your mom, sister or cousin just to say ‘I’m glad we’re family!‘ whatever your reason may be, we all sometimes need a little help in the gift-giving department.


So, I’ve come up with the perfect gift for the lucky lady that you’re purchasing for, depending on the category that she falls into:

  • the crafter and DIY’er,
  • the fashionista,
  • the makeup junkie,
  • the kitchen queen,
  • the techno-geek,
  • the girl-you-don’t-really-know-but-have-to-buy-a-gift-for or
  • the decor-crazy diva

The Crafter and DIY lover
Purchasing a gift for a crafter and DIY lover is one of the easiest things ever. And because I fall into this category, I can tell you exactly what we love!
Think along the lines of washi tape, glittered mini pegs, colored twine, fancy hole punches, scrapbooking paper and stickers, ribbon and basically anything else that you may find in the crafting aisle.

Check out this cute little mystery washi tape box  from That Little Shop that will make for a great gift:


The Fashionista: 
This one could be a little tricky as everyone’s taste and style differs. However, if she’s a scarf-wearer, you could always get her one of the maxi scarves, in a colour that she loves/needs, from Hijabi which any girl would appreciate!


And if she isn’t a scarf-wearer then perhaps this really cute envelope clutch bag from Spree, which I assume anyone will love?


The Makeup-Junkie
Yup, I fall into this category too. The perfect gift for a makeup-junkie is obviously makeup or makeup brushes. But, to make it a little more special, a makeup organizer is definitely the way to go! Zujaaj on IG has a great selection to choose from:


The Kitchen Queen
Now this is the category I’m not so familiar with BUT I have come across this really cool gift idea of a personalized chopping board from Gorgeous Gifts on IG that will make any queen of the kitchen happy as can be:


The Techno-Geek 
A girl who is obsessed with technology is really easy to buy for – think along the lines of Bluetooth speakers, quirky powerbanks or maybe even this really cute Hot Cookie Cup Warmer from Superbalist:


The girl-you-don’t-really-know-but-have-to-buy-a-gift-for
Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Whether you have to buy a gift for your kids teacher or for the lady that you picked in your office’s secret Santa gift-giving programme, either way it’s hard to choose a gift for someone you don’t really know – so why not opt for something that every person under the sun uses? Yup, hand wash and  lotion! Woolworths has a great selection of gift hampers that will make for a perfect gift, including this Viento Hand Wash & Lotion Set:


The Decor-Crazy Diva
As you may have read on my Decorex post, I’ve gotten into the world of decor recently and I am absolutely loving it! So if you’re gifting something to a Decor-Crazy Diva, you want to make sure that it’s something that is unique, useable and will fit in with her current decor.

I think this Cubist Wall Display from Superbalist ticks all of the above boxes and will make for a perfect gift!


And if you’re still stuck for gift ideas, you may want to check out Gumtree’s helpful Gift Guides which include the following categories, amongst others:

After browsing through each of the gift guides, I came across this really cute knuckle clutch bag in the Gift Guide for Fashionistas, that will be perfect for any fashionista! It’s definite that the lucky lady receiving it is going to absolutely love it!   


And I even spotted this gorgeous antique camera, in the Gift Guide for Decoristas, that will be perfect for a decor lover or even a techno-geek!


And that’s my Ultimate Gift Guide For Her! Happy Shopping!


This post was posted in collaboration with Gumtree.

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