Pond’s Flawless Radiance Light Infusing Under-Eye Cream Review

If dark circles are your archenemy, then you definitely need an eye cream to help you fight (and win) this battle.

I was recently sent the entire POND’S Flawless Radiance Range, however my skin has been behaving rather badly, so I wasn’t able to test out most of the products in the range – considering that they’re facial products, I just wasn’t willing to risk a breakout. The only product that I was able to test out, was of course the Under-Eye Cream.


Under normal circumstances, I don’t really have an issue with dark circles and/or those $10000 shopping bags under my eyes – I thank my endless hours of beauty sleep and many glasses of water for that – however, whenever I’m super stressed out, those dark-ish circles and bags do tend to make an appearance. And obviously, it was during this time that I decided to try out the POND’S Flawless Radiance Light Infusing Under-Eye Cream.

POND’S promised that within 7 days, this under-eye cream will gently calm and moisturize the under-eye area whilst simultaneously brightening it up too.
The big question is, did it really achieve what it says it will achieve?

Well, I tested it out for 7 days (morning and evening) and here’s what I noticed:
-the under-eye area was slightly brighter on day 7, than it was on day 1;
-in terms of the level of moisture under the eyes, it remained the same for me. I didn’t notice a change and
-the under-eye area was calmer on day 7 than on day 1. The area under my eyes were slightly puffy on day 1, so the eye cream definitely helped in decreasing puffiness.

Overall, the slight increase in brightness and decrease in puffiness under the eyes was the result of using the eye cream for 7 days. 

In addition, the eye cream was very easy to apply and absorbed quite quickly into the skin which was great. It also never burned/tingled when it was applied, however, due to my skin being so reactive to new products whenever I got a little eye cream on the sides of my nose, I always ended up with tiny pimples on my nose – moral of the story, keep your eye cream, under your eyes!

If you’re on the prowl for an eye cream to aid in your battle against dark circles, you may want to give this little guy a try .
I think that the results will be more noticeable and much greater when used on really dark circles rather than on just puffy eyes, like mine.

It retails for R59,99 for a 15ml tube, which is so worth it, considering a very tiny amount (about the size of a mustard seed ) is needed per eye. Therefore, this tube will most likely last you about 6-8 months – a total YAY!


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