Dove’s Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Review 

Before I started wearing a scarf full-time, I had hair that was thick, bouncy and full of volume, however, due to the constant downward pressure that my scarf applies to my scalp, I’m now left with hair that lacks volume and that is much thinner than before.
So, naturally, when Dove sent me their Oxygen  Moisture Range to test out and review, I was really excited to see if it will make any difference to my hair whatsoever!


Before I tell you my thoughts on this range, let me tell you a little more about it.

The Dove Oxygen Moisture range was formulated to deliver both the volume and moisture that fine, limp hair requires. And when tested on women, in terms of, shampoo and conditioner vs. unwashed hair, the advanced formulas contained in this range were able to achieve beautifully moisturized hair with 95% more body and fullness.

So what’s so special about this range? 
The advanced formulas contain Oxyfusion Technology which is basically, oxygen fused moisturising ingredients that help to deliver a balance of moisture and volume to the hair. And because it is oxygen fused, the moisture and volume are instantly and evenly dispersed throughout the hair, so that you end up with  bouncy, full-looking hair that is both smooth and easy to manage.

Now for the most important aspect of this review, did the Oxygen Moisture range really provide both volume and moisture to the hair? 
Well, after one wash using both the shampoo (R69.99) and conditioner (R69.99), I could already notice the difference in my hair. My hair looked much fuller, particularly at the roots which are usually quite depressed and stuck on my scalp. I would say that in terms of volume, my hair looked 80% fuller than it did before using this range.

In terms of moisture, my hair was definitely smoother and a little softer than before washing. The new-found smoothness was particularly evident towards the ends of my hair which is quite dry and dull looking. Although, I did notice that it didn’t add as much shine as the Dove’s Pure Care Dry Oil range adds to my hair.

The range smells amazing too – it’s very clean and fresh! And I love that even after blow-drying, the scent of the shampoo and conditioner remains in the hair, unlike other ranges’ scents that fade away after blow-drying.

Overall, I think this range is perfect for those of you who generally have healthy hair but just need that extra volume and moisture. It’s also great to use before styling/curling as it will provide the right amount of volume that’s needed to make any hairstyle perfect!

I don’t think this will be my everyday hair care range, as I’m more in need of the shine that the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range provides, than I am need of the volume that the Oxygen Moisture range provides – however, I will definitely, without a doubt, be using the latter before styling/curling/setting my hair!


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