Eid 2016 Lookbook

Hello dearies!

So you’re probably wondering what happened to me and if there is a good enough reason for me basically falling off the face of the (blogging) earth? Well, I hope you regard trying to find a balance between a very demanding work life and a much needed social life a good excuse because that’s really it. Anyway, I think I’ve finally got it sorted now so you can defo look forward to more blog posts from me (YAAAAAAAY!). Okay, now on to the Eid Lookbook!

I decided to put together a little Eid Lookbook that will hopefully serve as inspiration for your outfit for the upcoming Eid. Naturally, as life/the world/the universe would have it, my plans for the lookbook didn’t pan out as I hoped it would due to so, so many reasons – crappy weather on shoot days, random people lurking around whilst trying to shoot, slow internet speed, unreliable 3rd parties and of course, time constraints – but nevertheless, I made it work! So I hope you guys think it’s cool!

Look 1: Sophisticated Elegance 

If you’re the type of girl that likes to keep things simple yet elegant then this look is for you!
The look was inspired by this gorgeous flowy skirt from Flirtier Couture (find them here) which doesn’t require much effort. I simply paired it with a black loose fitting top and a lace-trimmed scarf from Hijabs by Hadiya (find them here) for a touch of pretty – and BAM! such a beautiful look without any effort!



Look 2: Bold & Beautiful

Adding a brightly colored piece to your outfit can really amp up your look and make a statement!

I paired this effortlessly beautiful drapey abaya from Jilbaab (find them here) in a pinkish coral shade with a super soft maxi scarf in a muted neutral shade from Wraphsody (find them here). Remember: 1 bright piece + many same shade neutral pieces = FAB!!


Look 3: Coordinated Separates

If you’re a fan of coordinated pieces, abayas and pops of colours then I’m not sure why you don’t already own this look?

This stunning yellow lace-trimmed abaya complete with coordinated belt and scarf is available from Flirtier Couture (find them here) and is basically all that you need for your Eid look. I’m not going to even say anything else – I think the look speaks for itself!

Look 4: The Classic Cape

Capes are basically the new kimonos. You can wear them over dresses, abayas or even jumpsuits and they will always look so fab!

For this look, I paired this gorgeous lace cape from Hijabs by Hadiya (find them here) with a jumpsuit and scarf in the same shade and voila! An easy peasy look for Eid! If you want an extra girly look, you could always swop the jumpsuit for a dress!

Look 5: The Cape Twist

As I said, capes are the new kimonos but these capes with a twist invented by Hijabs by Hadiya (find them here) are definitely unique and one of a kind.

I believe that these are a statement on their own so I simply paired it with a black flowy abaya and a black scarf and that was it. It doesn’t require anything more!


Look 6: The Pleated Skirt

I love pleated flowy skirts! And this one designed by Waseema aka Stylexplora (find her here) is one of my favs! I simply paired it with a black shirt, a green turban and a statement necklace and you’re good to go! Can you say effortlessly chic!?!

Hijab Inspiration:

If you’re wearing a scarf for Eid, you want to make sure that it’s beautiful too!

Here are some of the gorgeous scarves that I’ve come across, that will be perfect for your Eid outfit:


Top Row (L-R): Flirtier Couture and Wraphsody
Bottom Row: Flirtier Couture
Happy Eid shopping lovelies! 
P.S A big thumbs up for Nadia for helping me out 😀 

One thought on “Eid 2016 Lookbook

  1. Was says:

    Love this Post! Beautifully done! I would love to wear any of the above outfits for Eid!
    You look absolutely stunning as always! MashaAllah!

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