Hijab Tutorial: 5 Effortless Ways to wear an Infinity Scarf 

Hey guys!

I recently received an awesome package from Damasq (find them here) containing a few pieces from their stunning range of Instant Scarves, which are available in an array of colours and patterns and are so easy to wear! All of the instant scarves are sewn together at the point which sits under your chin, so you don’t require a pin!

Here’s a little looksie at their scarves all lined up (Image courtesy of Damasq):

I thought I’d style them each in a different way to show you exactly how versatile these scarves can be!

Look 1: The Semi-Instant Scarf

So this look was not created using an infinity scarf but rather a semi-infinity/instant scarf. Basically, Damasq’s semi instant scarf is a scarf that’s only stitched together at the area that sits under your chin, so it’s your classic scarf with the added benefit of not requiring a pin – so for this look I literally slipped it on and threw the rest over my shoulder. Yup, it took like 2 seconds. Find the Semi Instant Scarf here.

Look 2: The Classic Infinity Style

This style needs no introduction, I’m sure you all know you to create it right? All you do is slip it on, ensuring that the rest of the scarf is sitting on your chest then simply twist it creating an 8 and then slip it over your head – and you’re done! And of course, I added a little point to the front but that’s totally optional!

Find this printed instant scarf here.

Look 3: The infinity turban

Oh, I had fun creating this look and considering I used no pins, can you imagine just how easy it is?

For this look, instead of slipping on the scarf from the front, you will now slip it on from the back, so that once it’s on your hair is fully covered and the remainder of the scarf is now draping over your back. Next, I pulled some of the fabric from the back to the middle of my head and then simply twisted the remaining fabric,  wrapped around my bun and then tucked it in. I know it’s sound complicated but it isn’t, trust me! 

Find this instant scarf here.

Look 4: The Pleated Infinity

Firstly, how gorgeous is this colour? All I did for this one was slip it over my head, ensuring the rest of the scarf is in front of me then I simply extended the scarf in front of me and gently draped it halfway over my head and pinned it at the top which created these beautiful pleats!

Find this instant scarf here.

Look 5: The Draped Infinity

The fabric of this instant scarf is totally and utterly ridiculous – it as soft as can be  and drapes so beautifully!

All I did was slip it over my head and draped the remainding fabric over my head and pinned it to the side and that was it! Simple but so beautiful!

Find this buttery soft instant scarf here.


I hope this gave you guys some ideas on how to wear your instant scarves!

Have fun playing around with your Hijabs!


One thought on “Hijab Tutorial: 5 Effortless Ways to wear an Infinity Scarf 

  1. Ayesha Iqbal says:

    Infinity scarves always had better prints but i went past them because I didnt know how to drape them , cool posts , great ideas, now i can buy those really gorgeous Infinity scarves.

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